Sample Management Paper on Orientation/Socialization


Posting individuals into a new organization presents more unexpected challenges courtesy of the new environment with new people. My orientation into the organization at first was very scary and this was because I had moved away from my initial organization and from my workmates and friends. Furthermore, I was quite scared of the new people, individuals from myriad cultural upbringings and orientations. However, despite the orientation and onboard procedures being scary it later ended up being fun, this is because I ended up being in a tour group of other employees who were new to the organization. The supervisor gave us hints on how to perform various tasks and move around the organization, which is, moving from one office to another.

My best experience was my personal tour of the new establishment because I had the opportunity to discover new places and also met new people. This aided in developing my self confidence and esteem. My worst experience was when I was expected to demonstrate how we performed similar tasks in my former work place. I was embarrassed simply because I had not mastered the policies and procedures of handling tasks in my new establishment, which were quite different with those in my former organization.

It is affirmed that in order to improve the process, there is need to ensure that communication about the job and the organization is clear (Werner and DeSimone, 2006). This should entail adequate information about the organization, each employee communicating clear career and personal objectives and providing the relation bridging between employees and their colleagues. In addition, it is important for individuals conducting the interview to share the values of the organizations so that new employees can be aware of what is expected of them.




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