Sample Management Paper on Organizational Culture

The topics of structure, life cycle (progress and evolution) along with change and existing culture are woven together. Examining one topic, such as organization of work units (structure) consistently interconnect with aspects of the evolution of the company and the informal but powerful influences of culture.

Managers make decisions every day that impact individuals, teams, departments, and the organization. Some decisions are employee-focused motivating workers, distributing tasks, and ensuring the job gets done. Managers may also be part of the strategic decision-making process for the organization, working on the mission and goals of the company which influences organizational culture.

Organizational structure is complex as is managing in various organizational cultures. In this discussion focus on the following topics for your initial post:

Conduct a library or internet search of companies you feel are successful. (Ensure you are using a relevant source).
Evaluate organizational structure in a global, domestic, service, or industrial setting (pick 2).
Consider how each differs in regards to the mission, management decision-making, and workflow.
Identify three strategies a manager would need to consider when interfacing with others in these environments focusing on structure and culture within the examples you chose above.

Support your work with at least one scholarly source and with information from this week’s readings.

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