Sample Management Paper on Operations management

On a single page please do the following:


  1. Put a term paper paragraph summary. Ensure that you mention the two types of QM tools (charts) you will use in your paper with a title. Make sure that you will have numerical data for performance metrics.


  1. What metrics will you use in your paper? Why? What do they show to support your thesis?



Each student will prepare a paper that analyzes an operations management related problem.(Customer Satisfaction Process Improvement)

  • Problem statement: What causes low customer satisfaction in McDonald’s drive thru?


Operations management requires the use of financial and non-financial metrics. Please use peer-reviewed references, or those that come from a source that is reliable. References to Wikipedia and other such sites are not acceptable nor are they scholastic ; you must use at least 5 peer reviewed articles as research instruments for this paper. Proper citing is mandatory in APA format.


Operations management focuses on numbers and objectives that are measurable. This is not a paper whereby the student provides an overview without portraying facts and figures pertaining to the selected organization. The paper requires research; you will be expected to integrate concepts from the course to better understand the situation and make recommendations for improvement on a process, project or program.


  1. Introduction and Clear Problem Statement: Describe the organization and what it does; prepare a brief problem statement of an operations management issue in a selected organization. Include a clear question you wish to answer through the process of writing the paper. (1 page)


  1. As-Is Condition: Select one of the topics that you will discuss and describe the current condition, process, project, or root problem to solve. Use at least two (2) of the Quality Tools (Charts) to illustrate the current condition as it exists. You can use PowerPoint, Excel or Word to facilitate the diagramming method to illustrate the as-is condition. Make sure you focus on the issue of your topic do not explain the tool you are using. (2 pages (Not Including Chart).



  1. Analysis: List the inefficiencies of the current condition; illustrate the cause-and-effects to the business unit if changes are not made. List gap issues as they pertain to efficiencies in service or products as a result of the current business condition. Apply the analysis concepts in terms of measurable facts that can be used to prove the current condition and to measure success. (3 pages).