Sample Management Paper on Moral Issues for MNE’s

Moral Issues for MNE’s

For a host country, an MNE is a source of investment that is either directly or indirectly funneled to the budget and the financial build-up of the country with time. As a result, a country would seek to ensure that it has set in place regulations that influence and determine the operations of the MNEs while eliminating any ground or program that might hinder the attainment of set goals (Beugelsdijk & Mudambi, 2013). As a result, a host country will set in place regulations based on past experiences and shortcomings that either ruined the image of the company or affected the ability of the country to maintain its standard operations with all the other nations interested in investing in its market.

On the other hand, MNEs invest in a country with the objective of increasing their annual returns and shareholder benefits. However, they also seek to introduce into the market new and standard products as a way to increase the living standards of the community. In terms of operations, they are bound by the regulations of the company, but still, there are extents of operation that the company would want to invest in. However, with the differences in culture and beliefs in various regions, the MNEs have to invest in effective marketing and research on the best approaches to ensure that it maintains the moral obligation and commitment to its host nation.

A host country has the obligation of determining the type of activities and products that MNEs bring to their market. As a result, the regulation set in place by the country is critical in helping the country manage operations of the companies and the possible concerns that might arise during operations that could interfere with the attainment of outcomes. As such, the experience of the host country and its perception towards MNEs can be of benefit or loss. This also gives the country an advantage as it can determine the type of businesses done in their market and the way this business can influence its growth once the MNE starts its operations.



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