Sample Management Paper on Leadership: Steve Jobs of Apple Inc

Sample Management Paper on Leadership: Steve Jobs of Apple Inc

  1. Example of an Excellent Leader

Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. stands out as a good leader since he developed a creative vision and pursued ambitious goals. Jobs dreamt of changing the world through technology, and he influenced his followers to embrace the same idea. Great leaders can define their goals and plan out the course of action which leads to achieving their objectives. They energize their subordinates. Jobs shared his vision with his employees which necessitated the team to work towards a common goal.

  1. Example of a Manager

Dick Williams, the Major-League Baseball’s manager and coach demonstrated that his primary concern was getting the task done through exercising control over the subordinates which is characteristic of a true manager. Williams carried out his role in an aggressive style, and many people described him as a tough person. He insisted that his team must focus on the fundamental execution, and players had to put all their attention to getting the task completed. He advised the players to play not just to honor their contracts or to make more money. Williams made players focus on other side of the coin. Such an approach is more of management than leadership trait since leaders consider the opinions of their teams and look for ways of motivating them to perform better. William cared more about the task than employees which in his case was often justified since it unified the team.

  1. Personal Traits

I am an innovative person who believes in continued learning. I engage in activities that increase my knowledge such as searching the internet for recent developments in my profession and applying the concepts gained to better my performance. Being innovative could place me in the position of a leader since leaders must be creative and not fear to implement new ideas of their own. Leaders should also share their knowledge with their employees and inspire them to advance their competencies through on-the-job training.