Sample Management Paper on Fire Department Review Memorandum

Fire Department Review Memorandum

TO: All Departmental Captains

FROM: The Battalion Chief


SUBJECT:  Annual review of the Fire fighters

I would like to thank you all for the services that you have rendered this department. While your contributions have been valuable that time of the year when we conduct annual reviews of the fire fighters has arrived. As you know, these reviews are usually meant to ensure that we improve our service and that you are prepared and fully equipped for your tasks. Please use the guidelines listed below hence for to ensure that excellent service delivery and safety are ensured. Policies

Our mission is to serve and protect our community, prevent loss of life, and damage of property. The policies below shall be enforced to ensure we comply with the National Fire Protection Association:

  1. All the rules and regulations should be observed across all departments. Copies of our rules and regulations will be distributed to all staff members afresh, therefore, ensure to go through them to ensure that you remember all.
  2. The fire department vehicles and machinery should only be used for official purpose. The person in charge of them should check them out from the office before use and check in while returning them.
  3. All the fire fighters should be in full uniform while on duty and in appropriate protective gear when attending to emergencies. Anyone who reports to work without uniform shall be suspended from duty.
  4. Violence or use of provocative language is prohibited. Any person involved in such shall be suspended or retrenched, and the chief, deputy chief, or battalion chief will determine the punishment to administer.
  5. Sexual harassment is not allowed. Offenders shall be reported and tried in the court of law.
  6. All the fire fighters must comply and work with the respective government authorities. Cooperating with these authorities usually ensures that they offer support whenever needed (Seattle Fire Department, 2014).
  7. “Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from being served, stored, or consumed” (Greenwich Fire department, 2018).Offenders of the same shall be suspended or retrenched

Code of Conduct

All the fire fighters from all departments shall observe these guidelines.

  1. All the fire fighters must conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.
  2. Members shall take total responsibility of their actions.
  3. Members shall respect and obey all respective authorities.
  4. Members shall observe all the fire department standard operating guidelines.

Standard Operating Guidelines

All fire fighters shall comply these rules while performing their duties.

  1. Seatbelts should be fastened when using all department vehicles to ensure safety of our fire fighters and the public.
  2. Warning systems should only be used when responding to emergencies. Using them to tease others or evade traffic is punishable with a suspension.
  3. The communication equipment should be used correctly when responding to emergencies (Federal Emergency Management Agency, 1999).doing so would allow the officers on the field receive total support from the office.
  4. Safety and security of fire fighters and civilians should be observed.
  5. All emergencies should be reported to the chief, deputy chief, or battalion chief before dispatch of fire fighters’ teams. Doing so would help us account for all tasks and ensure the right team and equipment are assigned to specific tasks.

Let these policies and procedures be your guide you as you carry out your duties. Having our officers comply with these policies will ensure we have the right team and allow for smooth operations and ease your work so that you have time to focus on other duties. Please feel free to seek clarification if you deem it fit. All the best.



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