Sample Management Paper on Examine a company and perspectives of operation strategy

Examine a company in the marketplace – or your current/previous employer – and provide illustrative business examples (charts, graphs, other media) in addition to 150-200 words of text that demonstrate how the different perspectives of operation strategy (see figure below) are shaping the operation management practices of that organisation.

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Be specific when providing your example. Where possible, support your post with relevant facts and figures that clearly show the influence of these perspectives on the organisation’s operation strategy.
In order to get credit for this assignment, and do it well, you will need to first complete the readings/viewings in Modules under: Course Intro – Operations Strategy + Performance Objectives.

In this assessment you can earn 100, 50 or 0 points. To score full marks, you should:

Complete the respective course section and readings: Course Intro – Operations Strategy (attached pdf file) + Performance Objectives (
Support your post with images, infographics, short videos, further reading links and other media

Example from other students – this is a sample
The LEAP 1A (Airbus A320NEO – optional) and LEAP 1B (Boeing 737 MAX – single source) is in high demand. Boeing is still working on getting parked 737MAX into the air where the engines were already delivered to Boeing, and aircrafts were not delivered after the investigation into the two accidents that happened on the 737MAX. Airbus is in full production of currently 45 Airframes per month as seen in Figure1, whereas Boeing has an output of 31 Aircrafts.

I would like to draw your attention to the Backlog numbers in Figure 1. Given that the LEAP is the single source engine on the 737MAX and has a market share of 60% on the A320NEO, does CFM have a backlog of over 8000 engines. A good problem to have.

A lot of OEMs and suppliers in the Aerospace industry laid off workers and struggle now to get skilled labor back (Hepher, 2022). There is a massive demand from the Airframers to increase the monthly production rate, which is currently paced by the engine OEMs. CFM International is targeting to output 2000 LEAP engines in 2023, an equivalent of 9 engines per business day (Perry, 2021).

CFM has a good problem in terms of market demand; hence the operations strategy is pulled from a Market requirement perspective. However, output is driven by resource constraints. One could argue that there is a pull from both sides in opposite directions that is defining the Operations Management Strategy at CFM International.