Sample Management Paper on Diversity of Women in the Workforce

Part 1:
Review Capstone Guide for more information on this Milestone 5
What to Submit: Draft Capstone paper which includes the addition of a Synthesis section (250-500 words)
Craft the Synthesis section which:
Presents your findings – what you have learned from your research including the Literature Review and Diversity & Ethics sections.
Advocates the most equitable solution to meet the needs of the vulnerable and disenfranchised.
Draws upon additional scholarly sources and previous sections of the Capstone paper to substantiate position.
Discusses the way ahead and recommendations.
NOTE: The synthesis section of your capstone paper is not the conclusion for the paper. You must craft a distinct conclusion for your paper prior to final submission (Milestone 6).

Part 2:

Write a 2500-3000 word research paper (not including the cover and reference pages) illustrating an academic analysis of a contemporary global issue in the areas of leadership and workforce development.
The field of workforce development and education includes technical education, instruction in business, human resources, vocational operations, and governmental operations.
The capstone research paper will conclude after the successful completion of a research proposal, literature review, and a diversity and ethics perspective review.
A minimum of seven (7) academic resources to support the work is required. Use of APA format is mandatory.

Combine all together for final draft (see capstone guide for further clarification).

No passive voice and also ensure transition sentences are strong.