Sample Management Paper on Decision Support Systems

first you have to check the pdf (proposal-final), this is the first proposal that i made it’s a high level, but its meets the general criteria. second you have to check the pdf (contributions with comments) this is the second file that i prepared to try to narrow the topic, the blue highlight is the comment and the yellow is the place of comment (these are the latest comments that i received on this file and i hadn’t made any update). lastly you have to check the ppt (incidents in the petroleum industry) its the last presentation that i made, please read the note and try to well identify the problem. the file (slide 2) contain the comments on the presentation with the answers for this comments.

– use the template to write the proposal.
– use a design science as methodology (2 papers are uploaded, one is to explain the design science, and the other one for evaluating phase in the design science.
– the proposal should illustrate generating a method or framework, the technology that mentioned (ANN and NLP) maybe used later. so you have to add more details in each phase of the design science unlike the first proposal.
– find another topic close to the problem and you can keep using BI term.
– draw a chart to clarify the research context or the relation between the research parts (how it will going).
– uploaded all the papers that you may use in the literature in the file (all papers links), and you can find the close papers links in the ppt file.
– for the part relevance to IE department you can talk about Sustainability and circularity and Value of data-drive intelligence. i think these are too close from the problem.
– in the publications part, you can suggest 3 sub problems as journal papers and 2 conference papers.