Sample Management Paper on CyberSecurity management and policy

Please read all steps from the attached file and submit each required steps as a separate file.

Please submit
Step 4 about 1 and half pages
Step 5 about 1 and half pages
Step 6 about 1 and half pages
Step 7 about 1 and half page s

Step 8 which is the final….about 3 pages

provide a written evaluation of your organization’s cybersecurity policy to present at the next team meeting
plus step 4,5,6,7 attached as appendices with step 8

Complete the following tasks as you write your evaluation:

  • Differentiate among the various concepts of enterprise cybersecurity.
  • Develop a high-level implementation plan for enterprise cybersecurity policies.
  • Assess the major types of cybersecurity threats faced by modern enterprises (assessing risk).
  • Discuss the principles that underlie the development of an enterprise cybersecurity policy framework.
  • Articulate clearly and fairly others’ alternative viewpoints and the basis of reasoning.
  • Identify significant, potential implications, and consequences of alternative points of view.
  • Evaluate assumptions underlying other analytical viewpoints, conclusions, and/or solutions.

Attach the cover letter, revisions, and Policy Changes Matrix, and submit.