Sample Management Paper on Change Management


Change is unavoidable thing especially in business world. The change should be accepted and implement as an opportunity rather than a last option to survive. But, there are few organizations that take the change and implement it smoothly in their diverse business structure and system. In recent decade, several business operation static methods are practiced in different business functions with change in work environment, market traits, and technology and consumer demands. To survive or achieve the expected future outcomes, change is very important. Before acknowledging and implementing the change, an assessment on need for change should be done properly with respect to their current market position and goals. Accordingly, an organization came up with Change Management Concept: to design the strategy according to change in vision, to focus on unavailability of change in capital, to motivate in adopting new operation methods, change in business moves with respect to product sale  etc.

Tromley C. (2004) stated that change management is a systematic approach of transitioning individuals, teams and organizations to achieve goals or implement a strategy and vision. It is a process which makes an organization accept and embrace the change to undergo from their current position to future desired position. (Tromley C., Mainiero L.A., 2004).  The proactive and reactive response of change management process has categorized several stream of thought on change management concept.

Change Management as a Systemic Approach:

Change management is a process to make alteration in planned systemic routine by application of knowledge and directing internal and external changing forces (such as technological changes, employees breakdown etc).  It is systematic approach to indentify the need of change, defining and improving the vision & corporate strategy, equipping the work place with new technology and procedures and acknowledging the change in favor of achieving highest outcomes.

Change Management as a mean to transition individuals

Change Management is a set of activities to lead and manage individuals to work more effectively and efficiently in changed workplace by adopting new systems, technologies, values, processes and structure. It is a mean to help the employees in understanding and accepting the change to undergo from their current way of working to more effective and desired way of working to increase productivity.

Change Management as a Competitive Tactic

Change Management is set of constant processes to align the business with its marketplace i.e. i.e. defining and adopting market and corporate strategies to attain competitive advantage by optimally utilizing sources to increase productivity and success.

The whole change management process depends on leadership: management simplify the vision or direction of change by taking initiative or change effort to all stakeholders and help them in accepting and implementing desired actions accordingly. Higgs and Rowland (2000) argued that leadership is creating a platform of adopting and realizing of change by influencing others for successful transitions in change management process.

“Leadership is a process of giving purpose (meaningful direction) to collective effort, and causing willing effort to be expended to achieve purpose.”

– Jacobs & Jaques (1990, p.281)

In change management process, a leader can overcome all the change obstacles. They play a critical role in managing and directing the change, the below table gives a overview of leadership role in controlling change obstacle:


The main objective of this report is:

  • To indentify the change in internal and external forces in business world
  • To understand the change management concept and its role in resistance towards change
  • To explore the leadership role and its importance
  • To critically analyze the managerial techniques adopted in Gosfield Park case study
  • To evaluate the theories of leadership adopted by top management team in Gosfield Park in order to smooth the change
  • To analyze the implications of 2 theories of change management to be conducted to sustain their good reputation as regional show ground.
  • To suggest prevalent approaches of leadership and change management.


Background of Case study

Gosfiled Park is a country estate since 15th century in North Brentshire. It is spread over 2500 hectare area and owned by Kennedy family. Currently, Mr. Sebastian Gosfield & Mr. Patric Gosfield are owners of this estate. The country estate is basically comprises of:

  • Two farms (both arable)
  • Tweenty Cottages
  • The George- one public house

Godfield Park is well recognized as regional show ground. It optimally utilized the potential to diversify the country leisure activities and attracting major events, i.e.:

  • Jazz concerts
  • Veteran and Car shows
  • Opera in Park events
  • National Clay Pigeon Shooting Competitions
  • In summer season, Open air Shakespearean plays
  • National orienteering competitions
  • Regional dog shows

In 2012, an arena was constructed for 2000 spectators with show-jumping indoors facilities to attract maximum country pursuit activities. In last two decades, Gosfield Park successfully organized young generation events such as country crafts, murder mystery weekends, archery, antiques fairs, wild bird conversation and many other nature conservancy events by attracting 100000 visitors a year. In Gosfield Park, there is strong and healthy owners and employees relationship. Throughout the year, 30 part-time and 25 full time employees are hired. Many of full time employees are working in Gosfield Park since many years and considered themselves as a part of Gosfield family. There is trend of calling by first name and barbeque party with family in estate, which creates close interaction and strong working bond between owners and employees. Not only events, the farm house (with variety of crops and vegetables purchases) and restaurants (Christmas parties, Easter Bunny Show & New York celebrations with capacity of 80 guests) are also optimally utilized to maximize the potential of the estate and maintain the good reputation of regional show ground.

Patrick and Sebastian are thinking about country holiday complex to add to the business in respect of growth of park. The southern 500 hectare part of estate is suitable for holiday complex with 30 lodges covering maximum outdoor and indoor activities to facilitate guests and their families. This change can easily be smooth as capital requirement can be fulfilled by Gosfield family with very small amount of loan from bank. Before this idea, change or expansion plan was practiced by hiring the advisors to manage the whole process but the change didn’t go as planned. The main reason behind this failure was communication and consultation gap between employees and consultants. Due to that change, many employees felt that they were treated as assembly line labors rather than Gosfield family with no right to interfere in business decisions and left the job. This change obstacle affected the workforce relationship and resulted in inevitable loss. So, Owners have decided to make Country holiday complex change after taking their workforce with them.

Their main concern is change management in country estate. Now, Sebastian and Patrick are well aware to communicate the change to all employees earlier. They decided to smooth the change in a way that no employees lose the job. Kay Associates are contacted again to plan this change effectively. They need to coordinate their close-knit and experienced staff with kay associates to have positive outcomes. After meeting with Kay associates, Sebstain & Patrick are convinced that the holiday complex change idea is great opportunity to estate with additional staff requirement for development. Owners emphasize the consultants on previous change mismanagement: to make change strategy by utilizing close-knit man power after complete communication and proper management. They advised consultants to make such strategy which ensure all employees that accepting and implementing this change is best way to grow personally.


Leadership Behaviors &Theories

In Gosfield Park, to implement the innovative idea of Country Holiday Complex, there is need of following Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory as it allows the leaders to make decisions according to four maturity levels in workforce team. First Kay associates have to understand the employees, their needs and problems as full time staff claiming that someone would definitely lose the job this time. The leadership style and four maturity levels in this theory is as follows:


Top management can use awareness, confidence, honesty, empathy & humility, inspiration and flexibility traits to manage and lead the close-knot workforce. From previous practice, there was lack of such leadership traits especially awareness and humility behavior.  Top management should first give a vision and its directions of making country holiday complex on 500 hectare southern land in Gosfield Park. All employees should be guided properly by explaining the road map of actions and supports them. In implementing these change: communication, strategic thinking and problem solving leadership behavior should be adopted.

As there is availability of capital, dedicated and experienced work force and market competitive advantage, Gosfield Park can easily smooth the change by focusing on transformational theory as well. Transformational leadership is basically motivating man power by coordinating, cooperating and communicating them the whole change strategy. As in previous change mismanagement, employees felt themselves as factory labors because consultants didn’t conveyed them the application of knowledge and just give them orders to work. They found their top management totally non supportive and left the job. So, top management should communicate their strategy, streams of desired actions and motivate them in its implementation to achieve development and growth goals.

Communication Management Plan

Information to be communicated Growth Change is required: As 500 hectare unused land should be utilize in attracting more visitors by making Country Holiday Complex with 30 lodges.

Individual transitions: job security and variations in job profiles after change.


Communication Objectives Following objectives should be communicated to all employees in respect of change management:

·        To clarify the idea of holiday complex change and its implementation.

·        To overcome all confusions and fears in mind of full-time and part time staff.

·        To motivate all employees in accepting and implementing the change with open mind.

To dicuss the future from both perspective i.e. indicual and business

To whom the information will be communicated Application of knowledge is crucial part of change strategy. So information should be communicated to all stakeholders: individuals attached with Gosfield Park i.e. employees, suppliers, Kennedy Owners and  investors
Format and delivery mechanism for the communication .Proper Channel should be used to communicate all stake holders, oral and written communication format will be used. Awareness leadership trait should be used in change in general meeting. In minutes, detailed idea about growth change and attached obstacle change should be discussed. Written information must be shared through printed and mail to all stakeholders.
When to communicate the information Information should be communicated as soon as possible. After assessing the need of change, kennedy family communicated the idea of holiday complex in advance to all stakeholders.  There is proper hierarch of communication i.e information related to change will be delivered first to upper level management and then to mid & low level management.
Responsible for communicating the information Owner of Gosfield park & top management are responsible for communicating the information.

Supervisors & Junior managers are responsible to inform change to class four employees. Employees will understand change & ask queries

Who will authorize to communicate the information Kennedy family (owners) & top management are authorize to disclose the idea and  knowledge application
How changes in the communication process be managed Well defined communication process should be adopted. but changes in communication process can be done as per requirement
Flow of communication Flow of communication should be done from owners to stakeholders. Written communication  is done between senior management to employees
Escalation process to resolve any communication-based conflicts or issues Regardless of previous change mismanagement, if any employee facing any problem in workplace then  he/she has full rights discuss it with immediate managers. If immediate mangers fail to solve the problem, the issue will be raised to senior management. If still issue remains unsolved, then the issue will be communicated to owners.


Change Management Theories:

Mr Patrick and Sebstain want a development change in country estate after complete assessment of their business. Gosfield is spread over 2500 hectare but many parts of land are still unused. So there is need of growth goals and development change to make the country estate more attractive. For this expansion change, they first inform their employees in advance to ensure their job security and estate’s future goals. Top management of Gosfield Park can designed a strategy by using ADKAR Model to drive individual transition from experienced and new staff to meet intended outcomes in form of Country Holiday Complex. ADKAR Model stands for:

  • AWARNESS—— There is need of Development change to utilize the unused hectare of country estate.
  • DESIRE— ———to add new stars in Park business
  • KNOWLEDGE– 30 new lodges over 400 hectare land
  • ABILITY———-to incorporate the change regularly
  • REINFORCEMENT— to accept, implement and reinforce transition in experienced staff and Park business dimensions


According to previous experience, Gosfield Management can use Kotter’s Eight Step Model as it covers all those change obstacles. In “leading change book by John P. Kotter “, he stated the eight step which critically analyze the transition of an organization and help in making the model or approach of successful change effort. The Kotter eight steps model could be better understood by following chart:

Under this theory, top management has to identify the urgency of development change in Gosfield Park. After assessing the need of change, a vision will be made to direct and lead the whole change management process. Regardless of previous change practice, Kennedy Brothers communicate the need of Country Holiday Complex in advance. Top management will guide employees in implementing and ensuring them job security. Top management will understand the problems of employees and motivate them. As per previous change mismanagement, motivating and problem solving traits help staff understand that their job won’t be under risk and they will automatically cooperate and accept the change with open minded. A vision is set on determining long term and short term goals. Development change strategy is set of activities and goals to achieve ultimate goals. After creating short term goals, continuous initiative or change efforts should be done to accomplish the short term goals. Last step of this Kotter’s eight step model is to make the effort of making Country Holiday Complex consistent.




Change is unavoidable thing especially in business world. The change should be accepted and implement as a growth opportunity rather than a last option to survive. In current work environment, a change management process is a way to success. It is systematic approach to indentify the need of change, defining and improving the vision & corporate strategy, equipping the work place with new technology and procedures and acknowledging the change in favor of achieving highest outcomes. Gosfiled Park is a country estate since 15th century in North Brentshire. It is spread over 2500 hectare area and owned by Kennedy family. Currently, Mr. Sebastian Gosfield & Mr. Patric Gosfield are owners of this estate. They have organized various successful events to increase the potential of country estate covering maximum country pursuit activities. Gosfield Park attracts 100000 visitors every year, but this number of visitors could be increase by utilizing all resources properly. As Ghosfield Park has good reputation as regional show ground with availability of capital, dedicated and experienced full time staff and large hectare of land. So, Kennedy family should think about growth and development to maintain its market position and competitive advantages. Before this development change, they hired the consultants but whole change management process was failed with loss of man power. In previous change management practice, change mismanagement and miscommunication was main factors which create change obstacles. So overcome all such change obstacles, Owner of country estate inform the employees in advance to ensure them the job security and growth of park. They guided the top management to take the workforce in making a strategy as man power is main asset of their organization. To accept and implement the development change, transformation and situation theory are best practice with communication, problem solving, awareness and strategic leadership in evaluating and accomplishing the Country Holiday Complex goal. Consultants should evaluate 7 s: the shared values, structure, skills, style or culture, staff, strategy and systems. With this leadership behavior & styles, the kotter eight steps model & ADKAR model can be used to define, design and align the business with Development change to sustain their good reputation as regional show ground. In this report the leadership and change management process and techniques are analyzed and evaluated with its implications on change or innovation in Gosfield Park.




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