Sample Management Paper on Cause-Effect Mapping Report

Cause-Effect Mapping Report
McKinsey, the management consulting company, produced a well-known, and
often referenced report in 2017
Read the above report from 2017, and prepare two cause-effect diagrams
to show
1. The current situation – I.e. What the report says are the problems with
construction projects today, and what the root causes are. Try to show
how the causes mentioned impact overall measures of project
2. Their recommendations (I.e. the future state). This diagram should
show how the recommended interventions will change the current
situation and lead to improved performance.
Critically analyse both these diagrams, including testing the logic using Goldratt’s
Categories of Legitimate Reservation. Max 1,000 words in total for this analysis
– the words used in the causal diagrams should not be counted.
See also chapter 2 in Logical Thinking Process: A Systems Approach to Complex
Problem Solving, H. William Dettmer, 2007.
You do not need to write a critique of every element of these diagrams, but you
should try and give at least one example of three different categories of
reservation. IE you do not need to find an example of each of the eight
categories. You can give more than one example of any one category, so long as
you keep within the wordcount. Focus on what you see as any major
inconsistencies or unconvincing arguments that you identify (if any), and then
the most important changes recommended; will these solve the problem?
Write a conclusion with your view on whether the report’s recommendations are
likely to bring the improvements they target.