Sample Management Paper on a current talent management event in the marketplace and HR’s role

Papers should not exceed three (3) typewritten, double-spaced pages (approximately 800-900 words). As part of this effort, students should also be prepared to share their work/findings for class discussion.

Possible topics* for writing include:

-A Headline. Describe a current talent management event/headline/trend in the marketplace and HR’s role/influence/management of the matter. (At the time of this writing, examples would include: a looming nationwide rail strike, the impact of inflation on wages, the “cooling-off” of the “Great Resignation,” mandated wage transparency in NY state, mass layoffs at Meta, union-organizing attempts at Amazon, etc.).
-The Purpose of an Organization. Please share your definition on what makes a compelling purpose of an organization. How does an organization’s purpose its talent practiced and organizational culture?
-The Corporation as a System. What are the different components of an organizational system? How do they work together and what are the most challenging aspects to how to make an organizational system work?
-Data Driven HR. How do organizations navigate decision-making in the absence of quantitative data? Share an example of an organization that uses/used data to measure HR outcomes
-Leadership and Culture. Please share your own definitions of leadership and culture. Explain the best way(s) to shape an organizational culture and how.
-People Experience. What are the critical components of creating an exceptional people experience? Please share an example of an organization that has created a consumer grade digital experience in the workplace.
-Human Capital Strategy. What are the key levers and measurements needed to create and execute an effective human capital strategy?
-Employee Engagement. Define it. Do models have common elements? What are the keys to meaningful engagement?

Please inform me which topic you choose and I will send to professor for approvement.