Sample Management Essays on Selecting the Right Printer

Selecting the Right Printer





Date:     January 17, 2021

Re:       Printer Selection

Selecting the Right Printer

Due attention is drawn to the process applied in the selection of a printer that will meet the needs of the company. During the selection process, six printer options were considered as listed below (Amazon, 2019):

  1. HP OfficeJet Pro 7740
  2. Epson WF-2760
  3. Canon Pixma MG6620
  4. HP LaserJet Pro M501dn
  5. CanonLaser
  6. Epsonlaser

All the printers were met the printing needs over the next two years. Nonetheless, the mentioned aspect was not considered in the analysis. Emphasis was placed on the overall cost that will be incurred. Cot of printer ink and cartridges are also considered (“Printer toners &cartridges,” 2019). When the pages to be printed were 100 black and white pages and 50 colored pages, Canon Pixma MG6620 offered the lowest cost (“Printer prices,” 2019). As such, it is the recommended printer. However, when the volume of print pages was increased, the total costs for the Inkjets were higher compared to the LaserJets. Therefore, when dealing with a larger number of papers than that which the Canon Pixma MG6620 can handle at a relatively low cost, the Epson LaserJet is recommended for use (“Printer papers,” 2019). The findings show that inkjets only good devices for light printing because they do not incur high costs. LaserJets are excellent for large-scale printing.



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