Sample Management Essays on Operations Management

The case examines various issues that relate to the supply chain of Agile Electric, an auto components manufacturer based in India. Operations management is a multidisciplinary field that lynchpins businesses and determines success or failure. Essentially, operations management entails planning, organizing, and supervising aspects that relate to the manufacturing, production, or provision of services (Gobetto, 2014). From the case study, one aspect of operations management where the company fails is procurement. In the manufacturing industry, procurement is an essential function that ensures the company has all the raw materials it needs. The objective is to ensure that the firm’s core business functions proceed uninterrupted. Ideally, procurement should be done after assessing the production capacity, or after projecting demand.

The second aspect of operations management in the case study entails engaging suppliers. Effective operations management requires the organization to engage credible partners who share the same vision. The company appears to engage shady suppliers primarily because they have been certified. Organizations are increasingly competing on the strength and efficiency of their supply chains; an organization that fails to streamline its supply chain cannot attain operational efficiency or profitability (Cordon, Hald, & Seifert, 2013). The case demonstrates the missteps Agile made in its supply chain and the choice of suppliers. The management of the supply chain should be strategic to leverage the company’s core competencies for the organization to operate profitably.

An organization cannot attain a competitive advantage if it engages ineffective suppliers. From the case study, Agile Electric should reevaluate the suppliers and seek new business partners who can assist it to push its business agenda forward. In essence, the company should recognize that operations management determines whether an organization operates efficiently or not.


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