Sample Management Essays on My Dream Job

My dream job is to work in the law enforcement field as an FBI agent. My fascination with being an FBI agent stems from my interest in analyzing and solving crimes and the need to become part of the workforce that upholds national security and fights crime. Attaining this dream requires basic qualifications, an understanding of the mission of the FBI, FBI agent responsibilities, and the nature of the work.

The mission of the FBI workforce is to protect, defend, and preserve national security against local and foreign intelligence threats, enforce criminal laws, and offer criminal justice services to the nation. The major priorities of FBI agents include protecting the public from terrorist attacks, cyber-attacks, and high technology, fighting transnational and national criminal activities, and upgrading the nation’s technology systems to promote national security. Educational qualifications required for an FBI agent job include having a bachelor’s degree in courses like law, computer science, information technology, mathematics, and business-related courses (, 2014). Being skilled in one or more of these career fields will help me to attain my goal.

The nature of the work of FBI agents entails conducting professional investigations to identify and prevent threats posed by local and international terrorists, coordinate the activities of other law-enforcing organizations within the country, investigate federal laws violation, and collect evidence that can be used in court cases. The agents also collect, analyze and assess information on planned or committed criminal activities (U.S. Department of Justice, 2020). By being an FBI agent, I will be able to promote national security while protecting the public.

I am passionate about criminal law and the idea of being an FBI agent. FBI agents are essential to national security. I believe that my educational qualification and interest in law enforcement will help me attain my goals.


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