Sample Management Essays on Leadership


Student A Discussion

Over the past weeks, I have discovered that leadership is one of the most concerning issues in today’s organizations and businesses. Before the coursework, I thought leadership was all about giving commands to your juniors, nonetheless I have realized that it is more than that; conversely, it refers to a process where an individual has influence over a group of individuals,  Most importantly, I have always questioned whether the best leaders can be able to achieve goals on their own, in principle, the past twelve weeks in my course work have proved that if teams are unable to carry a vision, the best leaders can never achieve their objectives. As such, I have come to appreciate the importance of followership, which on many occasions, has been neglected by organizations. As such it is imperative that the success of any organization or business is closely intertwined with the actions and behaviors of followers.

Student B Discussion

I have been intrigued by some of the discoveries I have made over the past twelve weeks in my course work concerning leadership. My conception of leadership has changed after discovering that leaders are not just born or shaped in the classroom but are made up of a combination of factors such as personality, life-changing events and skills that may be acquired. I feel that the topics covered in class have shaped my perception about leadership. Conversely, leadership traits and ethics stood out so well during class discussions and I was able relate real life situations in understanding the concept of leadership. Particularly, I have come to appreciate some of the important traits of a leader such as integrity, accountability and positivity. The mentioned traits are also important in making ethical decisions for a good leader. I am convinced that the best leaders should be able to combine various traits to be successful in accomplishing particular needs of an organization.

Student C Discussion

In the past twelve weeks in this course work, my conception of leadership has drastically changed. My perception of leadership has been to do with giving orders and direction. However, in the past weeks, my perception of leadership has significantly shifted in a positive way. I have realized that in leadership, it is not all about giving directions, rather it is a process of increased social influence. I have been convinced that leaders should be able to effectively exploit the efforts of others to accomplish particular goals or objectives. As such, it is with no doubt that leaders ought to motivate, inspire and coach others towards a given direction. I realized that leaders should be able to utilize emotional intelligence in managing themselves and sustaining relationships with others, which is the key for an effective team. In principle, a leader who builds relationships with employees is able to achieve more than a leader who embraces dictatorship.

Student D Discussion

My conception of leadership has significantly changed over the past twelve in this course work by being exposed to different concepts. While my initial definition of leadership was not so different from what I learnt in class, I have always been confused on the difference between leadership and management.  However, after the lessons, I discovered that while management focuses on systems and structures, leadership focuses on people. As such, I was convinced that leadership is closely intertwined with inspiring others. I now understand why leadership philosophy is essential; it is because it influences how leaders interpret and react to people and situations. Consequently, it is evident that good and great leaders can be defined from their philosophy. I believe that leadership philosophy is the foundation that drives a workplace irrespective of whether an organization comprises of a four person department or is a multinational company. To that effect, I seek to have a well written personal philosophy as I prepare to be a great leader.

Student E Discussion

My conception of leadership has greatly changed over the past twelve weeks in this course work. Before the course work, I was unsure of what makes a leader successful; however, the past twelve weeks have led me to appreciate the significance of ethical leadership, which was my most interesting topic in the course work. In fact, I realized that ethical leadership is the apex of productive relationships. Particularly, the topic on ethics captured my attention because from my previous experiences as an employee, I discovered that business reputation matters and determines whether a business will stay in a competitive market or will succumb to competition. Specifically, I was able to relate with my different places of work and made a conclusion that people will always remember wrong doings for a long time; thus, ethics which determines the reputation of any organization is essential and can lead to a collapse if neglected.  As such, I am always looking forward to developing moral principles as desire to attain great leadership skills.


Student A Response to Student B

Your reflection leadership trait is outstanding. I was fascinated on your explanation of integrity, accountability and positivity. Indeed, the mentioned traits contribute to effective leadership because they foster a positive work environment which in turn promotes productivity. In fact, long term success of an organization depends on the mentioned traits.

Student B Response to Student C

Your thoughts and reflections are precise and well-constructed. Specifically, I like how you emphasize on how leaders should use motivation, inspiration and coaching approaches. In fact, the mentioned approaches are a sure way of establishing a positive relationship between employees and leaders. Good relationships foster team work which eventually leads to a productive work.

Student C Response to Student D

I like your clarity on the difference between leaders and managers. Apart from the mentioned attributes of leaders and managers, a leader has the ability to foresee while a manager can simply be intelligent. As such, a leader can be able to give precise directions while a manager may only be able to plan details. Thus, leadership is essential in business settings.

Student D Response to Student E

Your reflection is clear and relevant. Indeed, customers normally appreciate honest and ethical practices. As such, business ethics are essential in maintaining a great reputation and help an organization to avoid financial losses as a result of malicious practices. Ultimately, an ethical practice benefits everyone.

Student E Response to Student A

You have a captivating reflection. I was particularly impressed by your assertion that if teams are unable to carry a vision, then the best leaders will still fail. In fact, leaders can be determined to attain their vision, but if they have a team with no vision, all the efforts will be futile. It is important for leaders t