Sample Management Essays on Group Development

Group Development

Defining the Group

The recent developments and increased complexities in an organization have enhanced the formation of groups and emphasized on teamwork as a means of increasing overall productivity of the institution (Katzenbach & Smith, 2015).  The tender purchase committee (TPC) was a group developed by the board of directors of the firm to help in the independent evaluation, review of the purchasing documents and to recommend the best suppliers based on stock availability, quality, and price. The committee was composed of 10 members with the chief executive officer as the chairman and the other 9 drawn from each department of the enterprise. Considerably, the group is formal and conducted its operations within the organization settings.

The Developmental Stage of the Group

The group was in the third stage of development. The norming phase involves the identification of group members’ strengths and weaknesses and the contribution of each member to form a cohesive unit (Pinto, Lourenço & Mónico, 2017). This helps in understanding the abilities of each person in the team and limiting any developing complications. However, the group only met once every week and did not have enough time to interact effectively. Moreover, it received little or no support from some most of the employees that limited its performance.

Solving the Problem

To solve this complication, the group organized additional meetings that totaled to four meetings in a week. It also developed a social networking platform using the latest media including Facebook and WhatsApp that enabled them to communicate away from organizational setting.  Considering the seven-step framework, the committee utilized evaluation procedure that sort to oversee their operations and to list some of the areas that caused complications to their growth. However, it the committee followed the other six steps it would have been more effective as it would have incorporated all the relevant stakeholders.




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