Sample Management Essays on Employee Ethics

Ethics is an integral part and parcel of any organization. An ethical culture within the workplace is vital as it ensures that all the employees adhere to the stipulated rules and regulations set by the organization. With the advent of globalization, most companies are in an expansion phase as they continue to open new branches worldwide.  Multinational organizations and international businesses are fast emerging all over the world. As a manager in the Sales and Marketing department in Uniliver Company, I clearly attest the importance of being ethically upright. To succeed in the current global work force, over the years, I have had to acquire invaluable skills in order to rise above the ranks.

The world is full of diversity as people belong to a wide array of ethnic and cultural backgrounds (Oliverio et al., 2013). It is therefore paramount for an employee to research and comprehend the multicultural beliefs and behavior. One is also required to be receptive and respectful to multigenerational views and cultural behavior.  Additionally, it is advisable for an employee to communicate clearly with people having different nationalities. Thus, an organization ought to ensure that the information found in the websites and advertising material are available in different languages (Oliverio et al., 2013). Flexibility and technical competency is a requirement in the current global market.

Honesty is among the key traits that an employee ought to possess (Stanwick & Stanwick, 2013). A trustworthy employee is more reliable and dependable as compared to a dishonest employee who may ruin the image of the organization. Furthermore, an employee is required to be willing to learn new skills and handle new tasks in the most effective way  (Stanwick & Stanwick, 2013).  For an employee to be trusted by his employer, he/she must always achieve the required productivity levels within a given set timeline. In conclusion, it is crucial for an employee to portray a good image for the company. The employee should behave in an ethical and respectful manner so as to assist the organization to attain tremendous profitability levels. Hence, an employee ought to show great heights of dedication and commitment to his/her work with the primary aim of ensuring that the organization achieves its set of goals and objectives.


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