Sample Management Business Plan Discussion Post

I am usually adaptable; although a strong willed individual, I am also very flexible. Perhaps, different life encounters and knowledge have guided me to gain the strength of flexibility that is imperative in leadership. In addition, I am a sensible daring person who welcomes new challenges in a way that upgrades my leadership appeal to my immediate community. I approach conflicts as an opportunity for growth and development. Relative to my leadership capabilities, I am mindful of myself as I feel that this is a practical establishment for making suitable adjustments in managing others.

Leadership has always been a dynamic concept in my life. The people and experiences I have encountered while serving as a student leader and working in the ministry have really impacted my leadership skills. Working as a manager for the homeless in the community outreach ministry, I was responsible for organizing and managing projects. Consequently, it enhanced on my task orientation, team management, as well as organizational skills thus evolving my paradigm on leadership.

Through the lifeline project, I have learned that an effective leader shows tolerance, is tactful, as well as sympathetic in various situations. Furthermore, the best aptitude to seek as a leader is the overall capacity to convey new understandings to immediate subordinate groups and concerned people, through techniques applicable to their immediate necessities and level of engagement. Consequently, regardless of homogeneity or mixture of people, faith or ethnicity, it is the people who form a group; leaders, therefore, must lead by example, which cultivates development.

Furthermore, Leadership is a perceptive, and it is in an individual’s identity traits that make them effective leaders. Therefore, effective management is directly correlated with the leadership skills displayed by an individual. However, although each leadership skill is important, some are more relevant than others and are applicable in a various management principles. Hence, a direct correlation exists between the presented leadership trait questionnaires and the lifeline project presented.