Sample Logistics Paper on Green Logistics Program

Green Logistics Program
Green logistics program refers to the process of minimizing the ecological impact of the logistics. Logistics on the other hand denotes the management of the flow of items from one point to another (Morana, 2013). The items in question can be physical or liquid for example goods and other products. Logistics managements entail such things as security and simulation. It deals with supply chain, maintenance and procurement. This paper aims to address in detail the effectiveness of green logistics program in the management of Rolls Royce Company. Rolls Royce is a worldwide renowned organization that deals in the manufacture of different brands of motor vehicles such as Bentley, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Maserati and Aston Martin just to name a few.
Overview of Rolls Royce Company
Rolls Royce Company is an automotive company that deals in manufacture of cars and sale to the consumer. The company also engages in the sale of motor vehicle spare parts such as gear boxes, engines just to name a few. Rolls Royce was set up in 1884 and has ever since remained an icon in terms of world sale of motor vehicles, motor vehicle spare parts and quality brands of vehicles. Today, Rolls Royce has expanded to the manufacture of aero engines which is equally proving to be quite competitive in the jet engine business.
Vision and strategy
Rolls Royce aims to remain competitive in providing quality power systems. This is in terms of engines whether at sea, land or air. The consistency in performance of the company in the world market has seen to the continuous production of quality engines with the latest technology. The company still aims at staying competitive by employing more skilled personnel to increase customer satisfaction through the provision of quality services. In this regard, Rolls Royce strives to always remain at the helm of competition, producing quality engines and sale of motor vehicles, aero planes and ship engines. The target is to provide financial power to the organization and always remain competitive.
The company aims to provide powerful engines in water, land and air. Moreover, Rolls Royce Company targets to expand and sell its products in more markets, generating revenues and profits for the organization. This status quo can only be maintained through customer loyalty and gratification through provision of quality services coupled with better technology which makes it difficult to avoid by the clients. Moreover, the company relies on its competent engineering works and staff to take it to the next generation.
Rolls Royce is known for integrity, transparency and reliability. The terms and conditions set up in the organization are aimed at giving the customer the best quality of machinery and engine power which has speed and with high performance. The main purpose of the company is that of delivery of quality and service to the customer.
Products and services
The main products that Rolls Royce Company deals in is engines. It provides engines for helicopters, jets, motor vehicles, ships thus making the company dominate in the engine industry. Nevertheless, the engineers and technicians provide such services as engine repair and overhaul for all the enlisted means of transport on air, land and water.
Current operational plan for Rolls Royce
In terms of Green logistics Program, the current operational plan for Rolls Royce Company is very effective. The organization has managed to merge both technology and energy conservation, the plants operating in the company are very eco-friendly ensuring minimal pollution of the environment. Moreover, English companies that cause pollution to the environment are shut down till ways of combating the pollution is sorted. This is a world class company which every supplier would target. The supply chain management for Rolls Royce is very effective, dealers in engineering tools and individuals best suited with handling most recent technology are hired in the organization keeping the company more competitive and targets of most esteemed customers.
Benefits from green logistics
Green logistics is of importance in any given organization. It encourages social, environmental and economic undertones in an organization. In the case of Rolls Royce Company, green logistics has had a massive impact on the company. The benefits of adoption of green logistics program are far stretched in light of Rolls Royce and has the following social, environmental and economic concerns;
Social impacts
Rolls Royce is an industry dealing mostly in powered engines, this leads to emissions especially in the transport industry. However, the company has synchronized aspects of technology in its supply chain which has great and beneficial social concerns. The adoption of green logistics in the organization has led to reduction in pollution and health hazards in the populace from the company.
Moreover, green logistics has scrapped off deaths resulting from accidents and noise. The energy has been effective in reducing the congestion in travelling of passengers reducing possible accidents that might ensure as a result of such. Nevertheless, aspects such as visual intrusion because of pollution have been kept at bay because of synchronization of green energy within the organization. In the overall effect, adoption of green logistics program has assisted Rolls Royce Company to prevent harm to its customers by providing quality and safe products which meet their market demand.

Environmental impacts
Most companies emit greenhouse gases (GHG) in the process of its operations. These gases have the effect of causing global warming and climate change which is undesirable and very harmful to the environment. The ideal operating conditions are those which encourage the use of renewable sources of energy and less carbon emissions to the environment. In this regard, green logistics program comes in handy. It is a program that is effective in reducing the destruction of the ecosystem and the extinction of species. It synchronizes both aspects of technology and environmental concerns. Rolls Royce Company has adopted Green Logistics program which has ensured that there is minimal pollution to the environment and significantly reduced the carbon emissions that has a negative bearing on the environment.
The thriving of any business organization is dependent on a health business environment. Environment is not only constituted by the economy and legal systems but also by the physical environment. The customers and clients have to consume safe and quality products to gratify their needs. Further, the state of health of the customers must be good enough to allow them to demand and purchase products. Green logistics management ensures health hazards for the employees as well as consumers are kept at bay thus creating such a perfect business environment for the organization to thrive and sells its products competitively in the market. This leads to business success.
In this regard, green logistics management in Rolls Royce proves to be very important and as one of the driving forces behind the success of the organization. The aim of this company is to always remain at the peak of competition regardless of the barriers and new rising companies in this dynamic technological generation. Therefore, there is need to continue pursuing green logistics management to ensure a safe business environment.

Economic impacts
Rolls Royce supply chain management is very effective because the company has a reputation of hiring competent individuals in all its production spheres. The level of professionalism and transparency exhibited by the employees at Rolls Royce has been the impetus of the good image of the company and customer preference when quality is required. Green logistics management has been effective in ensuring that there is no time wastage during service delivery and all aspects of production. This has increased the number of customers served in the hour and increased revenues.
However, Rolls Royce is a competitive organization dealing in the supply of engines and purchasing of some parts. The green logistics campaign has become part of the organization managing the supply and delivery of the company assets such as get engines, motor vehicle engines and those of ships. Therefore, green logistics management has played a key role in ensuring efficiency in the company and optimizing on revenue and profits generated in all aspects of the organization (McKinnon, Browne & Whiteing, 2012).
What the green logistics plan includes
Green logistics plan includes the employment of qualified and experienced personnel in the supply chain management. This is important for companies which are very competitive such as Rolls Royce and others like General Electric. This plan is set to ensure that products are delivered in time and are of the right quality and quantity as dictated by the customer. The green logistics plan is set to offset operation bottlenecks in the supply chain management while striving to attain the optimum goal of any company of profit maximization (Geroliminis, Daganzo, 2005).
Cost and benefit of green logistics program to Rolls Royce
Green logistics program has enabled the company to increase its revenue and profits. This is because, the supply chain management has enabled timely delivery of products and quality service to customers. The time wastage that ensure during the delivery of products has been kept at bay thus attracting more clients who prefer products from this company.
Moreover, pollution to the environment has been kept at bay thus boosting the company image to the clients making the organization the preferred customer choice. Therefore, the green energy program has been beneficial not only to the organization but also to the consumer. This is because quality is delivered to them on time and the products are safe and free from pollution.
Rolls Royce has remained the indomitable company is the sale of power engines in the car racing, jet engines and ship engines. This is because of the green logistics program that synchronizes aspects of technology and environmental safety. This is what is precisely needed by most companies to remain competitive.
Implementation of a green logistics program and the steps involved
The first step of any implementation process is to review the whole program in terms of SWOT analysis in comparison to the current system. The program can then be simulated and the demerits addressed in order to do away with possible failures. The best way would be, requesting for a meeting with the organization and departmental heads. Involving each individual in a brainstorming session where a checklist is made in terms of the impact of the logistic system on human well-being, environment, the law, and cost benefit analysis of the system to the organization. The outcomes of the brainstorming session are reviewed and demerits addressed then proceed the green logistics program to implementation. In the process, the employees must be involved and told all that that the new program entails as well as encouraged to adopt the program (Fahimnia, Bell, Hensher & Sarkis, 2015).
Green logistics program has advantages that are far stretched. The impacts on the economy, cost benefit, environment as well as society is sound evidence of a company’s need to adopt the program in its aspects of production. Rolls Royce as one of the leading companies in the entire globe in the sale of engines, has greatly benefited from green logistics program in its supply chain management and reduction of pollution caused to the environment. Green logistics also reduces production and supply chain bottle-necks thus increasing service delivery to customers and profits generated. Green logistics program is therefore every managers’ desire to steer profit generation and safety in any organization.

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