Sample Logistics Essays on Robert Olivas

Robert Olivas

Robert Olivas, I disagree with your opinion that there is a need to build new airports. Your opinion stems from the prediction that in 50 years, the percentage of passengers will double and that by 2035, the number of freighters will have increased by 30%. While these statistics feasibly justify the need to respond to the predicted demand, it is important to consider the current situation, whereby the demand for air travel has fallen owing to the threat of terrorism. With this in mind, I propose that it is more reasonable to evaluate the demand for air travel and respond to it at each stage accordingly. For instance, if the number of freighters increases by 10%, it would be realistic to enlarge the overall number of flights, the number of direct flights to specific destinations, and the number of airliners in every airport. Doing this would also create demand for cabin crewmembers, thus increasing employment opportunities. This strategy offers more flexibility than building new airports because it makes it possible to cut down on the number of flights if the demand for air travel falls.

The cost of constructing new airports is colossal and with the current market dynamics, it would take years to recover it. Even with the demand for air travel doubling the current one, a better alternative to constructing new airports is expanding the existing ones. Expanding airports provides the possibility of doubling airport capacity without comprising quality of service delivery to freighters (Vreeker, Nijkamp, & Ter Welle, 2002). Nonetheless, the option of constructing new airports should still be considered in regions that have absolutely no access to air travel.

Which other options do you think should be employed for responding to a rise in demand for air travel? Do you think it is relevant to change the quality of service offered to customers in local and international airports? If yes, do you think this would increase the number of freighters? If not, what do you think should be done to respond to the decline of air travelers?




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