Sample Literature Paper on Ernest Hemingway “Hills Like White Elephants”

Ernest Hemingway “Hills Like White Elephants”

  1. The number two has been used several times in the story to enhance symbolism. The first account of symbolism in relation to the number two is represented by the story of two lovers. The short story dwells on two lovers, who are in bar at a train station. While at the bar, they continually order drinks in twos. Additionally, the symbolism of number two is brought out by the indifference in ideologies and perception of the characters. On the other hand, the number two depicts a contrast in the story; two different places, Barcelona and Madrid, two languages, which are Spanish and English, and the characters of two genders: male and female.
  2. The title of the story depicts a curious play on words simultaneously implying the rare kind of elephants and the issue one is unable to reject although it will bring them nothing but trouble. This lures the reader to start reading and learn the intrigue. On another analogy, nature plays a great role on how the two characters think and react to the experiences they encounter in their lives. This is especially brought out during the points of conflicts between two lovers, specifically when Jig express her admiration for nature.
  3. The main theme of the story is language and communication. The use of language and specifically of certain terms such as “procedure” reveals the hidden meaning of the abortion issue. The two lovers are having different views on having abortion. The boyfriend tries his best to convince Jig to have an abortion. In fact, he persuades the girl on several occasions, but she objects the idea and continues to be unresponsive to the abortion issue. It is the communication between two lovers that causes to developments of other themes such as alcoholism and foreignness.