Sample Literature Essays on The Judge’s Wife

The Judge’s Wife introduces the reader to Nicolas Vidal. We are informed that he was born to a single mother who was a prostitute and was prophesied at birth that his head would be lost to a woman. This prophecy has played a critical role in making certain that Vidal does not ally any woman to come close to him emotionally. He is currently a leader of an outlaw gang. Judge Hidalgo is in charge of the jurisdiction and takes it personally to see that Vidal is punished for his crime. Hidalgo lures Vidal by capturing his mother, assuming that Vidal will come to her rescue. However, Vidal fails to come to her aid and she commits suicide because of the disappointment. Hidalgo realizes that Vidal will come for revenge and flees with his family. On the run, he suffers a heart attack and losses control of the vehicle. He dies and leaves the family alone. Hidalgo’s wife, Casilda is determined to protect his children from Vidal and his gang. To her surprise, Vidal arrives alone. In her quest to protect her children, she lures Vidal to sex waiting for the authorities to arrive. When the authorities arrive, Vidal does not escape and accepts to be arrested.

Definition of Terms

One of the significant terms that have been used in the thesis is fate. Fate is defined as the occurrence of events that an individual cannot control and which are believed to be determined and controlled by a supernatural power.

Background information about the author

Isabel Allende is a Chilean writer whose works are noted for magic realist, tradition. She is renowned for such works as The House of the Spirits and City of the Beasts. Her works are usually based on her life experiences and also pays homage to women. She is noted for her ability to weave together aspects of realism and myth. This is also reflected in the style applied in The Judge’s Wife.

Historical, Political, and Social Context

The primary themes in the story are concerned with the social context. One of the social issues that have been highlighted in this play is that crime within society. Vidal is a career criminal. It is also critical to put into mind that his mother is a prostitute. There is also the social issue of poverty. This can be attributed to the verity that poverty has led to the lifestyles of the mother and son. The story also incorporates political aspects. For instance, Judge Hidalgo is a political figure whose ambition to ensure that his jurisdiction is rid of crime. However, in his efforts to fight crime, he brings tragedy and misfortune to some characters including him.

Quotation from a Scholar

The Plot of this story is simple linear and uses the flashback mechanism. The exposition reveals to us who the characters are as well as the past of Vidal.’

Class Ideas

One of the ideas that have been highlighted in this story is that of the application of themes to develop the plot. One of the themes that have been predominant in this story is that fate is inescapable. From the time Vidal was born, he was prophesied upon that he would lose his head over a woman. This is exactly what happens as the story culminates because the judge’s wife eventually leads to his arrest.



            The Judge’s Wife has themes that reflect on the real-life that individuals go through. The primary theme of fate is indicative of how people in the real-life are faced with situations that they cannot control. This is a situation that happens to everybody in life. The theme of fate is enhanced by other themes such as poverty and romance. These are also issues that have affected many people in the world.


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