Sample Research Paper on Causes of Water Scarcity in China and Solutions Towards Them

The ecosystem depends on water. However, currently the limited
amount of water the world holds can’t satisfy the environment and
human beings. One of the countries facing this is China due to river
flows having reduced or dried up, pollution and ground water
depletion. China undergo water shortage due to land degradation,
industrialization and ineffective management practices.
Land degradation being the first cause in China for water shortage.
This causes rise in temperature causing erosion and land to dry. This
has caused drought and famine. (Ka Ching Leung, 2020)
Ka Ching Leung (2020) argues,secondly, industrialization in China
has increased. Constructions of The South-North Water Transfer
Project (SNWTP) that is expected to provide water in the North
region, however the project will create challenges such as
environmental, social and geopolitical. China has had a lot of
constructions going on which has lead to biodiversity loss. Another
effect of construction is disappearance of some local species such as
already-endangered baiji dolphin example being construction of
Three Gorges Dam that affects the landscape.
Miss-management of water resources is the third cause. According
to Postel, S. L. (2019), water usage has exceeded the sustainable level.
This has caused water stress such as low river flow, pollution and
low ground water level. Jiang, Y. (2009) states that china as a nation
should legally establish a regulatory system that regulates and
register water use. Matthews, A., & Richards, J. (2019) argues that
growth of human needs have caused water resources to reduce.
Water resources management therefore is needed to help in
management of use of it, especially by creating and reviving
institutional water resource management.
Jones et al. (2020) recommend that sea water should be converted
to fresh drinking water through a process known as desalination.
Lee, J. (2017). Coping with water scarcity: The way forward. Society
and Natural Resources, 23(3), 135-152, stated that apart from
treating wastewater, what China should do is educate the public
regarding water conservation. Every litre of water saved means less
water is drawn from ground sources, rivers, and reservoirs, and less

energy is required to treat and deliver the water. In addition, this
leads to less wastewater being created and discharged. [from page
150]. This methods will reduce water stress in China. China will have
relieve from the above measures.
“End of paper”