Sample Leadership Studies Paper on The Impactful Consultant

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4. please include a biblical scripture in your writing.
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Weiss (2021) suggests that consulting yields the opportunity to improve a client’s condition by providing skills, content, advice, and behavior. In relationship building and expectation setting, behavior is the most crucial attribute previously listed. How the consultant offers special assistance to the client is as important, if not more, than the actual assistance itself (Biech, 2019). Block (2011) posits that the consultant’s discussion or cognitive connection is taking place alongside the affective or feelings side of the discussion. Consulting effectiveness begins with gaining a solid understanding of what is verbally omitted from the initial ask. At this point, the consultant’s ability to model the behavior necessary for the client to sustain post the project requires an intrinsic understanding of one’s beliefs and the ability to communicate those with the client (Block, 2011). The challenge for the consultant is to establish credibility through professionalism and implement processes that remove obstacles hindering the client from actioning agreed-upon recommendations (Block, 2011). Professionalism is not limited to only technical acumen but implies a willingness to foster genuine relationships to deliver the most significant good (Poulfelt & Olson, 2018). Clients leveraging external vendors to lighten their workload does not increase their stress. For the impactful consultant, this presents a unique opportunity to lean into consultant firm mission statements through professional practice with integrity (Poulelt & Olson, 2018).


Jesus understood how to navigate stakeholders with different perspectives, needs, and plans and could still drive consensus and inspire change with his vision. The book of Proverbs (11:30, NKJV) states, “he who wins souls is wise.” This could not be more evident than when Jesus enters the boat of a professional fisherman with the boldness to challenge him to something more significant (Luke 5:1-11, NKJV)—this moment altered Peter’s life trajectory through a clear demonstration of long-term problem solving, satisfying the natural needs through the catch of fish and presenting an opportunity to satisfy the spiritual hunger birthed in the apostle through this encounter.