Sample Leadership Studies Paper on The Film The Rational Life (Chinese)

According to Nexflix Wiki (2021), The Rational Life (Chinese: 理智派生活) is a

Chinese romantic drama series. The series is adapted from the comic novel “Alpha Code” (“阿尔

法守则”). Officially released in Suzhou on September 28, 2020 and completed on January 8,

  1. The series aired in the Youth Progress Theater of Hunan Satellite TV on March 31, 2021

and broadcasted exclusively on Mango TV. The first season was released on June 18, 2021, on

Netflix. The series is about “A career-driven” single woman around 30 years who “must contend

with a cutthroat workplace, a love triangle and her nagging mom.”

As a part of your Group Project & Presentation Assignment, you are invited to watch episode 3.


As you watch the film, observe, reflect and answer the following questions as they relate to the events and characters of the film and the theories of conflict management we have studied so far. Complete this reflection and submit it to the dropbox provided as part of the Learning Activity for this topic. We will debrief the episode in class as you prepare for your research and group project. One word answers are not really helpful but taking notes point form is perfectly acceptable. Where the question asks for discussion or explanations, you may want to write in complete sentences. This document will be very helpful for you as you prepare and present your group project at the end of this course.

  1. 1. What impacted you in this episode and why? Be specific.(150-200 words)


  1. 2. What does this episode tell us about leadership? Give an example or two and explain your reasoning.(150-200 words)




Identify and describe a negotiation scene in the episode.

  1. State the types of negotiation style displayed by the people involved (hard, soft, or

principle negotiation)

  • Use slides 28, 29, 30 from the negotiation lecture to justify your answer.400 words