Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Tell Why Your Topic is Needed

This discussion will serve as an opportunity to receive feedback for this week’s assignment. Use the feedback provided from this discussion to make changes and more fully develop your ideas before submitting the assignment. Complete the following:

Attach an annotated bibliography containing at least 15 articles in support of your topic. Make sure for each resource you’ve included:
The significance of the problem identified in the article.
Existing research about the problem (what has been done or what is recommended).
Use the bibliography to:
Complete Section 2.1: Capstone Project Background of the DHS DPP Form [DOCX]. The goal of this section is to articulate the main themes identified through your review of the literature.
Complete Section 2.2: Need for the Project and Evidence to Make Change. Describe the specific practical implications that may result from this research

What You Need to Know
The Role of the Literature Review
In order to determine an appropriate intervention or make recommendations for change, a problem has to be identified and a gap established in the research. A competent researcher does this by identifying a problem that is supported in the literature and has an identified theoretical foundation. Once a problem is identified and supported by the research, a solid research question can be established. The research question will then guide your research. Without a solid understanding of the literature, the researcher risks pursuing topics that don’t have a clear direction, are not researchable, or won’t lead to clear results or outcomes.

Your ability to understand how to search the literature, read scholarly articles, analyze the research, organize information, and synthesize the main themes related to your topic will help you construct a research problem that will guide your capstone project.

Literature Review Resources
Locating Common Themes in a Literature Review.
Reviewing the Literature.
Writing a Literature Review [PDF].
The Meaning of Synthesis.

Discussion Overview
For this week’s discussion, you will post and receive feedback on a draft of sections 2.1 and 2.2 of the DPP.