Sample Leadership Studies Paper on psychology safety with a group in workplace

The research paper focuses on the group process issues associated with your specific class
‏intervention practice. It is an 8 to 10-page paper that focuses on WHY psychology safety is
‏1. For individuals becoming more committed to a group of individuals
‏2. For individuals in a group in becoming more productive
‏3. For individuals in a group to collaborate and work better together
‏The paper must focus on the specific beliefs and behaviors associated with the group process
‏issue and how these behaviors enhance individuals working commitment, productivity and
‏healthy work group environments.
‏This paper is double-spaced and 8 pages in length (not including the title page or the
‏reference pages) using standard APA formatting with NO BULLET POINTS. Sources should
‏be from this sources
Driskell, T., Salas, E., & Driskell, J. E. (2018). Teams in extreme environments: Alterations in team development and teamwork. Human Resource Management Review, 28(4), 434- 449. Dyer Jr, W. G., Dyer, J. H., & Dyer, W. G. (2013). Team building: Proven strategies for improving team performance. John Wiley & Sons. Lacerenza, C. N., Marlow, S. L., Tannenbaum, S. I., & Salas, E. (2018). Team development interventions: Evidence-based approaches for improving teamwork. American psychologist, 73(4), 517. Peng, J., Chen, X., Zou, Y., & Nie, Q. (2021). Environmentally specific transformational leadership and team pro-environmental behaviors: The roles of pro-environmental goal clarity, pro-environmental harmonious passion, and power distance. Human Relations, 74(11), 1864-1888. Presbitero, A., & Teng-Calleja, M. (2019). Ethical leadership, team leader’s cultural intelligence and ethical behavior of team members: Implications for managing human resources in global teams. Personnel Review, 48(5), 1381-1392. Rousseau, V., & Aubé, C. (2010). Team self-managing behaviors and team effectiveness: The moderating effect of task routineness. Group & Organization Management, 35(6), 751- 781. Rousseau, V., Aubé, C., & Savoie, A. (2006). Teamwork behaviors: A review and an integration of frameworks. Small group research, 37(5), 540-570. Sheard, A., & Kakabadse, A. (2004). A process perspective on leadership and team development. Journal of Management Development. Widmann, A., Messmann, G., & Mulder, R. H. (2016). The impact of team learning behaviors on team innovative work behavior: A systematic review. Human Resource Development Review, 15(4), 429-458

‏ No abstract is needed for this paper. A full APA Reference page must be included.