Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Matching the Research Method, Statement of Research Purpose, and Research Question

One of the challenges of the research process is aligning the research purpose, question, and method. In this discussion, you will present the research purpose, question, and method for your planned capstone project as you know it so far. This discussion will serve as an opportunity to receive feedback on the research question and other aspects of sections 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and 4.1 of the DPP. Use the feedback you receive to make modifications for this week’s assignment.

For this discussion, in your initial post, address each of the following using the headings provided:

Section 3.1: Purpose of the Study:
In this section, you will construct a clear purpose statement that articulates the purpose of your study. The goal of this section is to be clear and concise in synthesizing the main constructs you will be investigating. The purpose of the study will align with your proposed research questions. Present the purpose with a statement that begins “The purpose of this study is ….”.
Section 3.2: Research questions:
Your research question or questions are aligned with your research problem and topic of inquiry. You will formulate your research questions in a way that can be answered by the intended methodology and analyses. Note these are the questions that will be addressed by the overall project and not the questions of the individual instruments or interviews you might use to collect the data.
Section 3.3: Capstone Project Title:
Your title should mimic your research question and articulate the purpose of your study in 12 words or less
Section 4.1 Summary of methodology. This section should include:
A description of the methodology (qualitative or quantitative).
A description of the design (case study, generic qualitative, correlation, etc.).
A description of the type of action research (participatory action, critical action research, action science research, or appreciative inquiry).
The details for instrument selection and data analysis are not needed as part of this section at this time.
Explanation section:
In this part of the discussion, describe how the research question, purpose, and method align. For example, consider the types of questions that are typically addressed using a qualitative or quantitative method. The explanation should be about 2–3 sentences.