Sample Leadership Studies Paper on leadership characteristics

Take the VIA Signature Survey (240 questions) of Character Strengths. You will be provided with your top five character strengths at the end of the survey. By clicking on the \”View All\” tab located at the bottom of the page, you will be able to scroll down to get the five character descriptors of your lowest scores. Please read the full description of your 24 character descriptors paying special attention to the five strongest and the five weakest characteristics. – I completed this, see the attached. Use these scores to write an essay about you as a Developing Leader where you describe yourself as a leader first, state if you are in agreement with the assessment, explain why (or why not) and state what qualities you will be strengthening and what qualities you will be trying to minimize or develop throughout this course and why. Use examples from the past as well as specifics on how you intend to develop leadership characteristics. Indicate how you can be of help to your peers to help others in their quest for developing leadership. Make sure that you will remember your password for the Pennsylvania University Test Center because your scores will be saved and used for future visits. The scores are confidential and are used only for scientific reasons. You are encouraged to take further tests if you wish to do so.