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Mega Globe Business Solutions

                                                            Proposed Global Expansion

Today I feel honored to officially declare that our company will pursue a new business venture. In our expansion, we will be extending our business operations to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Shenzhen, China as we collaborate with our liaisons there. As a result of this, we understand expansions have serious implications on our operational behavior and have taken the necessary measures to ensure that our leadership is effective. The official unveiling of our operations will take place on December 2018, allowing our company to expand our opportunities while creating cultural and financial breakthrough to our new clients. Please feel honored for welcoming our liaisons and clients to achieve our mission.



Business environments are constantly evolving and becoming an established conglomerate takes effort and patience. As leaders, we need to accommodate changes and evaluate the best we can work with our new clients as well as partners in order to achieve maximum success in the shortest time possible. Complacency among ourselves is a vice I will discourage because we need to make balanced decisions regarding the welfare of the society and our operational costs as a whole objective. Our approach will ensure that we achieve great confidence in our partners and clients hence ensuring that customers and partners are well catered for.  As a firm, we must evaluate the best strategy approaches and employ them if we are to succeed in this cut-throat competition (Mumford, et al, 2000).

Team Leadership

Leadership is a complex tool which determines how an organization is successful. We understand that for our success, leadership is a virtue that should be used at all times as illustrated below:


As the CEO of Mega Globe Business Solutions, I will discuss how we are to approach the team leadership model for a great success. I will use Hill’s team leadership model which best suits us (Santos, et al 2015). There are four aspects in this leadership model which include:

  • Action and monitoring which basically involves gauging the best style which suits our firm.
  • Determining whether an internal or external leadership level is required.
  • Determining whether an intervention is a task, relations aspect or an environment related aspect.
  • Correctly implementing the appropriate measures and aspects to achieve high performance.

From my experience, we need the action aspect. We are currently a new firm providing financial services to China and Brazil. The customers will be fewer at our beginning but with proper leadership plan, we can achieve greater success. I will focus on the following:

Task Leadership Style

I am committed to providing the financial requirements to ensure all team members are coached by professionals on the current trends in leadership. This will ensure a tech-savvy and knowledgeable staff is available to tackle and achieve our objectives. In order to achieve our goals, we must collaborate as an organization by involving all members of our team. We can achieve this by using surveys among ourselves to gauge how the environment is conducive for maximum output. I will also ensure that all office conflicts are well handled therefore building more commitment and effectiveness at work. Should you feel pressured or unsure of anything in the workspace consult with the relevant office to amicably negotiate a proper advice on your issues (Santos, et al 2015).

All these considerations are just made available to you because all employees need to be satisfied in order to effectively perform their obligations. We need to evaluate our goals by a mutual agreement by formulating a good decision making where all suggestions are welcomed and only the viable ones are utilized and acted upon. We should be able to produce stunning results on our clientele and partners progress so as to attract more customers and partners. As a new business, we need to properly utilize networking which will help us be more influential. We also need to represent our team so that it comes out as the best. We will also be assessing all the environmental effects of our firm to the society while preventing the negative effects from affecting the environment (Santos, et al 2015).

Culture, Leadership, Gender and Diversity

Mega Globe first started in Chicago and had very few employees compared to what we are today. We have broken records and achieved greater success because you have continued to support this organization through your priceless commitment, determination and exceptional work ethics. I must appreciate you for this but I urge you to strive for more success. Impeccable customer service has also enabled us to surpass our expectations regarding the company culture hence enabling great feedback from clients. Given our proven track record, all we need to focus on is maintaining the reputation and prestige of our organization. In many ways, our leaders continue to seal deals that enable us to be competitive in a field where there is a market imbalance. We need to establish a strong first impression once we start our operations officially. This will enable us to create a comfortable environment for us to trade in (Northouse, et al, 2018).

Gender diversity has proven to be very vital in our company, and we strongly advocate for its flourishment as it improves the image of the company and the technology advancements in general. We have always shown that gender diversity has continued to improve the competitiveness of our company by providing equal job opportunities while discouraging discrimination. We have been portrayed as the best equal employer. Gender diversity has enabled us to understand the market in terms of sex requirements and therefore garnered more customers in the process. I assure everyone that as we move to open our new offices, nothing has changed. We will continue to support every virtue we have stood for. This will help us improve our image and we get more customers (Northouse, et al, 2018).

Principals of Motivational Leadership

I must stress that motivational leadership is a collective objective which involves every one of you. You are required to ensure our employees are flexible in terms of behavioral perceptions of our new anticipated customers. Such motivation can be achieved by educating our employees about the importance of being more valuable and hardworking to our company. You may offer incentives and occasional luxury breaks to ensure they feel needed, appreciated and important to the company. As a leader, we must make our instructions more specific and meaningful to ensure performance is effective. We should emphasize the personal preferences of our customers and partners in order to reinforce our domination in the global finance industry. As leaders, you are required to deeply analyze market trends and the environment to gauge what is best for our company in terms of profitability and image. Finally, there are some occasions when your staff knows what is best for our business, so in such circumstances feel free to allow them micro-manage while giving them space to fulfill their obligations (Northouse, et al, 2018).

Mega Globe is a big company which is expected to make no mistake. As a result, we should employ all the necessary sources of information to accurately launch ourselves in China and Brazil. Entering a new market has never been easy, so I urge all leaders to give their best since this means a great deal for us all. We must understand that communication should be used to achieve a better image of our company by achieving maximum customer satisfaction. We should develop trust between the employees and the customers. Do not forget to follow our goals as they keep us moving. You should control and manage at a distance while being conscious of all the progress as this builds trust and confidence among the employees hence increasing their productivity. Be sure to provide a high-quality service at the end.



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