Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Ethical Behaviors

An individual who’s Success Came to an End after Proven Unethical Behavior

Martin Shkreli is the former manager of the Turing Pharmaceutical who is currently serving a seven-year jail term for deceiving investors in a two hedge fund between 2009 and 2011. Martin was accused of overcharging the price of a drug that has been on the market for a period of 62yrs from $13.50 to $750 (Molloy and Wright). The drug is used to cure a life-threatening parasitic ailment among pregnant women and their unborn child. Additionally, the medication is applied in enhancing the immune systems due to conditions such as cancer and AIDs.

Can Ethics Training Course Prepare an Individual for Success?

Ethics play an important part in enhancing the success of an individual and that of the corporation. The training enables a person to understand and meet the set standards of organizational ethics, thereby encouraging one’s success. Furthermore, ethical conducts build a person’s reputation and public trusts which facilitates their success (Alshammari, Almutairi, and Thuwaini 112). Effective ethics training improves a person’s consumer relationships, hence, acts as the basis for the syndicate’s achievement. As such, ethics training course can be used to promote a person’s success.

Factors Important for Success to be Applauded and Individual to Remain Unharmed

Several factors enhance the success of an individual and assist the person to remain unharmed. Elements such as effective organizational policies that conform to the set ethical standards provide a framework of employees’ behaviors in the workplace. The syndicate’s management principles which accentuate ethics in their operations also help avert unethical conducts and promote business achievements (Boes 3). Moreover, one’s values and morals in observing the required ethical behaviors are critical in their success and preventing damages.



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