Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Directions on Journal, reflecting on a leadership

Directions on Journal, reflecting on a leadership

Your journal submission will focus on a leadership experience that you have directly observed, and/or participated in.  Your OOE can be reflective of a positive experience, negative experience or a learning experience that has caused you to contemplate or challenge your ideas about leadership.  For example, have you had a great unit manager?  What about their leadership skills do you admire?  Alternatively, have you had a manager that you felt wasn’t a particularly good leader?  What might you have taken away from that experience?  You can consider managers you’ve had, teachers, professors etc. You might also consider team coordinators, group leaders (perhaps from a group assignment at Centennial, or another college), or anybody you’ve directly encountered, in a leadership position Ensure that your perspective is from your role of a student and/or a care provider.  You may also reflect on a time(s) when YOU were in a leadership role.

General directions for journal

Format/ APA

Cover Page:  Must follow APA guidelines, and include due date, student name, course name, numerical identifier, section, and professor.  Do NOT include your student number.  If you haven’t done so already, please review the APA resources that have been made available to you on the course shell. You can see examples of APA approved cover pages under the APA resources tab.  Each reflective journal assignment must be between 800 and 1000 words, not including the cover page and/or references, if applicable.  Spelling and grammar must also reflect a professional document and composition appropriate to the level of a college student.  Journal assignments must include the topic headings of ‘Introduction’ and ‘Documentation of Insight.’  Ensure that you have reviewed the APA resources that are available to you on the course shell.  These journals must be DOUBLE SPACED for the entire document.  Areas containing more than double spacing count as 1 APA error for each occurrence.  The font must be Times New Roman, at 12 point.   3 or more APA errors will result in a grade of zero for this assignment (see rubric below).


(Don’t forget to include “Introduction “as a heading for this section!)

In this first section, (make sure that you have entitled this section with the subheading “Introduction.” You will briefly outline the observation, occurrence or experience (OOE) you would like to base your reflective journal entry on.  Keep in mind, if you are sharing a work/professional situation, confidentiality is critical.  Avoid identifying patients/clients and peers/colleagues by name.  If you are sharing a personal situation, remember that it must be related to, and relevant to your roles as a student and/or care provider etc.  Keep your description brief, but include relevant detail to allow the reader to understand why this situation is appropriate for a reflective journal.  Your OOE must also be based on a personal, hands-on experience.  This means, you must have directly witnessed the OOE yourself, or participated in it.

Documentation of Insight

(Don’t forget to include “Documentation of Insight “as a heading for this section!)

Describe how/why this occurrence has meaning for you.  What specifically about the event has caused you to reflect, learn, change how you typically approach things, re-consider a habit, identify a value etc. If appropriate, you may include researched references if you include content from outside sources – this is not mandatory however.  You must be able to connect the OOE documented in the Introduction to the meaning you’ve identified for yourself AND what actual, possible or potential reflection, changes etc. that might have occurred for you, as a result.  Again, in order for you to be able to reflect appropriately, your chosen OOE absolutely must come from first-hand experience.

Rubric for Journaling Assignment
Format/ APA

Sections titled appropriately as directed above.

Max. 20 marks

 No spelling/grammar errors.

Title page APA complaint.

Double spaced.

Meets Expectations.  1 or no

format/ APA errors.  


Below Expectations

2 format / APA errors


Expectations unmet/ substandard

3+ format/ APA errors**

3 or more APA errors will result in a grade of ZERO.




Outline of the Observation, Occurrence or Experience (OOE)


Max 40 marks

Above Expectations



Meets expectations



Approaching Expectations



Below Expectations



Expectations unmet/ substandard


Thoroughly explained, concise and connected to content of assignment


Adequate information included, minimal areas that provide less than ideal detail. Information is present, but not explained adequately.  Connection to content of assignment not solidly established Information is unclear, some connection to content of assignment, however less than obvious. Poor quality information/detail.  Minimal or no connection to content of assignment.
Documentation of insight/ personal meaning and/ or growth


Max 40 marks

Thorough evidence of self reflection, personal growth/ meaning, awareness etc. Well established documentation showing self reflection, personal growth, awareness. Ideas expressed, however some areas where connections are not made and/ or indicated Significant areas where insight, meaning and growth are not established or are missing. Unclear, poor connection to insight, meaning and growth.  Missing significant documentation
Max 100 Marks


(worth 10% of overall course grade).

Assignments should fall between 800-1000 words.

Submission under 800 or over 1000 words (not including the cover page and reference page) will receive a grade of zero.


In some incredibly rare and amazing circumstances, students may exceed the word limit, however this MUST be discussed well head of the due date and be agreed to by the course professor.