Sample Essay Writing Paper on Career Plan Audit

  1. Task 1-Values audit

The true mark of leadership, both at a personal and marketplace level, according to Bilanich (2011 p. 15_) is the values one stands for. I, too, knowing who I am, have values that determine the choices that I make in life. I value integrity, responsibility and compassion in my life and career. Integrity, in my definition stands for living a life of constantly honoring my word. Denise indicates that the values of integrity and compassion are among the top rated values for success in any career field (2008 p. 152).

I intend to work with major banking institutions such as “The world bank.” To do this, I need skills in statistics analysis, project management as well as accounting software management. These skills are useful in driving the goals and policy sides of these banking bodies that deal with several countries and projects.

2, Task 2: Capability audit

  1. Demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively

The success of any team depends on how effective they communicate with each other (Dipietro 2009 p. 11). During my service year I had the chance to work with people from various races and background. The opportunity was daunting as well as lively as people had the chance to talk to each other openly to make the projects successful. One of the things we had to deal was how to relate well with each other. At first, there was a deafening silence and people only had to talk when necessary. However, as we got to know each other more, we began to find areas that we connected. We began to understand different things about us and the personalities we possessed. Within a week f working with the firm, I got very confident and could share with everyone in the company. I could easily understand what other people required to succeed at their work and found effective ways to make them get it. At one instance, when dealing with a client who seemed distraught, one of my colleagues called me to address the client. At the point of meeting, I exercised calm listening and let the client share everything that he felt to say. After he finished, I went ahead and explained the procedure again, highlighting the areas that were important to him. Eventually, he left the reception smiling.

  • good organizational and administrative skills

According to Rao, (2017 p. 56) better organization and skills in administration are some of the crucial tools in building successful projects. One of my successful projects is my studies. My ability to plan and allocate time for my studies despite my busy schedule illustrates my organization skills. With my proper organization, I have a clear time to work, relax and have fun besides my weekly two hours study time. Besides, the time I spend researching has had an impact on my administrative skills. In fact, during the service year, I provided immense support in making clients happy.

Proven ability to work as part of a team

While studies may appear an individual activity, Denies (2008 p. 31) confirms that its success depends on how people work as a team. The same can be said for career development and project management. In evaluating my teamwork roles, I realized the value of my role in the teams that I have been in. During my volunteer adventure in the business startup space, I discovered the joy of being of service. When we created and shared the goal with everyone in the group, we opened up to new possibilities of how solutions could emerge. Additionally, the school group work enables me to open up to the team and share roles in completing tasks. I learnt the value of compassion more deeply when I got to share my ideas and knowledge with others in the group. Ideally, we won together. We developed effective ways to resolve conflicts which involved getting people to acknowledge the issue at hand, the impact on them and the team and their new commitment to restore their integrity.

  • Well-developed customer service skills

Dipietro (2001 p. 4) indicates that the major distinction between successful firms and the no so successful ones is the manner of client service. Working for clients with a team, we form the first ambassadors of the company or business. Some of the critical skills to enhance exemplary client service is the development of a good attitude. Meeting the clients from an enthusiastic and authentic space helps them to experience the value of the product or service we sell. When selling after high school at a shop, one of the main reasons why I kept having repeat clients’ was because of how I showed them that I care. I greeted everyone and always inquired if they were okay to take the next step. Oftentimes, satisfied clients came back to our store and bought more items. When this happened, we increased our revenue by over 60% within less than 6 months).

  • Proven ability to manage projects.

Each project has specific goals and success criteria to fulfil which makes it unique in its way (Gerley & Pierong 2016). One of the projects that nurtured my project management skills was the class assignments that we took as a team. Two semesters ago, we had a field work that required that we each create our roles. The team decided that I lead the team and create a project plan. As we evaluated the values of the group and the school, we established working agreements that ensures that we completed our work effectively. Over the next couple of years, I have made a commitment to develop my ability to manage effectively projects that I take on. One of the plans I will take to do this include getting specific on the activities that require me to manage projects and show up 100% ready.

Task 3: Elevator Pitch

Hello! My name is (Name). I currently take my undergraduate certificate at (name of university). I pursue (course) at the university, a bachelor of business in accounting option. I am currently aspiring to work with established organizations as an accountant to make their finances straight. I also intend to offer my support volunteer within book donations to create powerful experiences around the process of personal development. This is tied to my mission which is to inspire a new generation of leaders who are effective managers of their resources to produce lasting impacts that make a difference.

My academic career in business accounting as well as technical skills gives me a better chance of convincing appeal to pay half the process. On top of this, my core values of integrity, compassion and responsibility gives me an edge around what I do. These values guide and provide direction in my. Leading a life of values ensures that I constantly stand up for what I believe is right and produce an impact in my community around what I truly care about. In a society that is fast changing, my presence is much needed to ensure that we live up to the standards of leadership and productivity. Besides my academic career, I also believe in people producing the results they desire in life one day at a time. This belief has had me produce the best results in my academic career and life. I also find that life is a moment by moment expansion of our consciousness and our ability to learn and share what we learn in a constructive manner.



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