Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Are Ethics Important?

One of the primary foci of this unit is on ethics.

In your initial post for this discussion, address the following:

Describe at least two ethical concerns (or shared values) within the study you are examining for your Action Research Project. For example, did ethical obstacles or barriers arise in data collection for the study?
If you have not yet chosen your human services issue for the course project, then describe two ethical concerns within the study that you might want to focus for the course project.
Research the “Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals” established by the National Organization for Human Services (linked in the Resources) for the ethical concerns you have identified, and cite the relevant standards, indicating how they apply. Be sure to provide APA-formatted references for your citations.
Describe the advantages and disadvantages of applying a professional ethical codes, in relation to action research. Use what you have learned from your texts, other readings, and personal experience to support your statements.