Sample Leadership Studies Paper on ABC Approach to Behavior Management

This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):

CO2 – Understand strategies for effective leadership and followership in diverse situations within an organizational setting.
CO4 – Evaluate organizational culture and change strategies to improve leadership goals and meet organizational objectives.
When discussing personality and behavior, we must realize that personality is relatively stable, whereas emotions or moods can change frequently. In our materials, Austin (2019) discussed the ABC approach to Organizational Behavior Management. He explained that antecedents (A) lead to behaviors (B) which lead to consequences (C). For 48 hours, keep an antecedents journal. Record what you do daily, make notes about what consequences occur from those behaviors, and record what you were thinking about right before the behavior (antecedent). Discuss five of your observed behaviors. Were they beneficial, detrimental, mixed? What patterns did you see from your antecedents that lead to either positive or negative behavior? How could you conscientiously change your antecedent to limit detrimental behavior? List at least five examples. An example is shown below (do not use this example).


Behavior: I raised my voice at a coworker.

Antecedent: I thought to myself that I really had a hard day, and the coworker brought up a past issue that triggered me to think about how I have had to work too hard lately.

Consequence: I felt bad about raising my voice because the coworker was just delivering information from his supervisor.

How I can change my antecedent: Conspicuously pay attention to what I think about after a hard day. Take a deep breath before responding to something that makes me feel like I work too hard.

Additionally, write a summary paragraph about how you see antecedents tying into behavior within the workplace. How can you use this pattern of awareness to be a better employee?

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Paper Requirements [1000-1250 words)
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