Sample Law Paper on UK Criminal Law – Skeleton and Bundle Submission

Skeleton and Bundle Submission Skeleton Submission Please submit your skeleton arguments here using the prescribed pro-forma. The skeleton submission is non-credit bearing. However, you will receive feedback from your tutor at the end of unit 9. The feedback will be in bullet point format highlighting key areas you need to focus on improving. Bundle Submission Please submit your bundle containing moot oral presentation sources here. ______________________________________________________________ Skeleton and Bundle Clarification Dear All I hope that you are well. I have had a couple of questions from you about the skeleton argument and the bundle and thought it was only fair that this be shared with all of you for the sake of completeness: 1.The skeleton argument and the bundle need to be submitted through the moodle portal by 3 September for me to provide feedback. 2.The skeleton argument should be a concise document with you dealing only with your ground of appeal with the 3 case authorities listed, in addition to that of R v Blaue. There is a pro-forma document for you to edit and insert your arguments and authorities in support, which can be found on moodle. 3.The word limit for the skeleton argument is around 150 words as it should be concise. You will obviously be providing more substance to any points you make in the actual moot. 4.The bundle that you need to submit should include an index at the front which lists all the case authorities and sources that you rely on. The bundle should include a headnote and the key legal principles and points that you rely on. You will need to reference any quotes that you rely on. You should use legal data bases such as Westlaw and Lexis Nexis to download any reported cases. It is anticipated that the bundle should be about 1500 words, but in practice they are usually significantly more. 5.Remember the skeleton argument and the bundle are non-credit bearing and are an opportunity to obtain feedback from me, so that you may make any revisions before the moot assessment. 6.You will not be penalised if you go slightly over the word limits for the skeleton argument and the bundle. Hope this makes sense. Best wishes