Sample Law Paper on Open Gun Law in College


There has been going a debate whether there should be open law regarding guns in college or no i.e. whether the students of gaining higher education in colleges should be allowed to keep guns or armed things with them.
Whereas one school of thought says that it is extremely crucial for students to allow them to keep the guns with them so as to save themselves from any problems. The people agreeing to this notion state that the college going students have grown up and have become mature and will not indulge in the impulsive attitude which can lead to taking out guns for mere small things. The presence of gun with a student will just make him feel safe. (“Guns In Schools | Giffords Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence”)
Whereas, the other school of thought says that agreeing the students and people to carry arms and ammunition without any check can lead to threat for fellow students as well as threat to the entire State at large. Allowing to keep guns with the students will be a violation to the 1st Amendment Right granted to educational institutes of academic freedom. Allowing to keep guns with the students i.e. open laws regarding guns in college will only lead to increase in the number of injuries and deaths in the educational institutes. (“6 Facts You Need To Know About Texas’ Campus Carry Law”)
The areas where there should be free flowing thought processes of all sort, such a law for keeping guns will just lead to people restricting their thought process with the fear of provoking the other party and hence indulging into fights leading to shooting and deaths. There should however be harsh penalties executed over the people who are found with any sort of arms or guns with their possession as they tend to pose a threat to the lives of the people around them and are in an indirect way bullying them to agree to whatever they desire.  (“Campus Carry & Open Carry – New Gun Laws”)
Certain instances where there has been open firing in the schools have lead to tighter penalties and rules regarding the carrying of arms and guns in any educational premises.
The teachers and parents have been told and confirmed that there will be no guns in the colleges and the colleges and educational institutes will be gun-free zones. Such a promise helps relaxing the parents and teachers that they and their kids are safe in the college premises.

Possession of guns in schools and colleges will only lead to more violent activities taking place and increased number of killings. It can also be a way for bullying and ragging and hence can lead to increase in number of suicides and homicide issues.  (“Guns On Campus: Overview”)   Not only this, possession of guns will only restrict the openness and relaxed and informative environment which college provides.
In order to ensure that strict policies are laid for not carrying guns in colleges, government has come up with two restrictive policies: the Gun-Free schools Act and the Gun-Free School Zone Act which lead to expelling of students who are seen with guns and almost 95% colleges tend to follow it.

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