Sample Law Essays on The Texas Constitution


The Constitution is an important document that should represent democratic political systems. The document expresses sovereignty and the relationship between the governed and the government. Furthermore, the constitution should represent the structure and function of all government institutions. The Texas constitution provides the general outline of government structure and functioning. Also, it divides all powers into three separate branches that include the legislature, executive and judicial.  However, the Texas constitution is inflexible and does not empower government institutions.

The Legislature has tried numerous occasions to revise the Texas Constitution. First, the pressure to update the constitution started between 1971 and 1975, but the revision ended in defeat during the elections in 1975. Also, the legislature tried to revise the constitution in 1999 where Rep. Rob Junell proposed that the legislature should have longer legislative terms with sufficient income. Furthermore, the representative proposed that the governor should have a cabinet with a strong appointive power. The Texas Constitution needs revision because it is long and difficult to comprehend. The Texas governor has limited power because the power is distributed among different interest groups. Therefore, too much bureaucracy makes it hard for governors to govern the state. The legislature arm of Texas government has limited power because the Constitution allows them to meet every two years making it hard to govern the state. The legislatures are also underpaid and are easily influenced by interest groups.

In conclusion, the Texas constitution needs a revision to streamline the operations of the government. The Texas Constitution is outdated; the legislature should work in conjunction with the voters to make a major reform in the Constitution. Voter support is necessary because Texans need to vote in support of the major revisions in the constitution.