Sample Law Essays on The Ninth Circuit

Sample Law Essays on The Ninth Circuit

When a judge decided to pass a ruling by temporarily blocking the Ninth Circuit enforcement, the decision did not go well with President Trump. The ruling of the judge goes against the president’s order which places the nation at a threat of cutting down the federal jurisdiction funds that minimize the immigrant agent’s cooperation. Several critics has mentioned that the proposed breakup of the 9th Circuit which is the largest appeal court in the US in regards to judgment and the population that it covers is unwieldy (Dolan 1).  The main claim that these critics are making is that the breakup of the circuits will make several court cases to move faster. There are also several cases in California that are pending which critics believes that does not result in any form of conservative rulings (Dolan 1). The following is an analysis of what President Trump can do regarding the Ninth Circuit.

When a new circuit is developed, it is anticipated that the president will have regular judicial appointments. This will give the president more power to make liberal decisions regarding the pending cases in California. By breaking-up the Ninth Circuit, all the federal funds which have been withheld shall not be at a threat of being held again. Since the judge has already gone against his order by banning the Ninth Circuit from operating, the president can move to the Supreme Court to help him amend the order that had already been passed.

Some critics have made claims that what President Trump is doing is more of a revenge which is not good for the nation (Dolan 1). It seems that his discontent towards the behavior of the courts and their decisions to block the Ninth Circuit has led him to revenge by thinking about totally breaking up the circuit. This will give him more power to make decisions which he will believe are liberal for the nation.

The possibility of Trump splitting the Ninth Circuit would only be possible if he is backed up by the congress. However, based on the fact that many people think that breaking the circuit will bring more benefits such as enabling court cases to move faster, the possibility of the congress supporting Trump’s decision is high. This will also help in releasing the federal money that has been held up because of the judge’s ruling. Since the congress is aware of the importance of the federal funds, they can help boost the move. This means that with a upper hand, it is possible for Trump to split the circuit up.

The US Supreme Court helps in solving tough rulings or cases such as that which involves the president and the judges. In this regard, the judges can decide to appeal to the Supreme Court for help in stopping President Trump. The case will therefore be President Trump vs. Circuit Court of Appeals judges. The decision of the Supreme Court will be based solely on the case president without any favors for one side. This is the only way in which true liberty and democracy can be promoted since this is the last chance that President Trump has to make decisions that would make a big change regarding a court that has been supported by several sitting presidents.

In summary, President Trump is seeking the Supreme Court ruling to enable him breakup the Ninth Circuit. This is a big decision that he is about to make though some people do not fully agree with him. However, it is anticipated that through the help of the congress and Supreme Court backing, he is in a position to break the Ninth Circuit.




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