Sample Law Essays on Family Law

Sample Law Essays on Family Law

Nowadays, I consider taking Family Law as a course one of the most incredible decisions in my life. I have enjoyed every bit of the course considering the fact that what I have learned directly relates to the basic unit of the society, family. There is quite a number of crucial things which I have learned in this course.

Firstly, I have learned that the family is an important aspect of the law. For instance, marriage is one of the aspects of the society that is taken seriously. Importantly, there is a set of laws that is used to govern this social institution. Essentially, I have learned that married individuals have different rights when it comes to family finances and the division of property.

Secondly, the most interesting thing about this course is the fact that it deals with aspects of the family that are well-known and ongoing in today’s society. It is not difficult to understand the diverse laws since one can relate to most of them. It is worth mentioning that Family Property Systems were the most understandable. However, I struggled to understand the different aspects of finances in cases of divorce.

Finally, I find the course material extremely useful since I purpose to start a family advocacy firm in the future. Thus, the knowledge attained in this course will be crucial since I will apply it in dealing with my client’s cases. I will also be able to adequately handle the different dynamics that arise in family property cases.

In my opinion, this course could be changed for the better through the inclusion of practical sessions. For instance, court sessions should form part of the learning process. It would be a great experience if students were allowed to attend divorce, property, and marriage cases.