Sample Journal Summary and Reflection on The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark is the briefest of the four gospels in the New Testament since some illustrious information about Jesus is missing. It appears that the book of Mark was the first gospel to be authored, and it was written at a time when Romans were persecuting Christians. The major theme of the gospel is that Jesus had human traits, such as being hungry, tired, angry, and sad. Another major idea is secrecy, which is manifested in the parables that he gives are in the form of a coded language that only a few can comprehend. Secrecy can also be observed on some occasions when he instructs his disciples not to tell other people that he is the messiah. The gospel states that the primary message that Jesus gave in his teaching was that the kingdom of God was near.


The gospel provides information that is new to me. The information is about how Jesus instructed his disciples not to inform others that he is the messiah. I have never come across this information before, and I find it surprising that Jesus wanted to maintain secrecy since Jesus came to save everybody in the world from sin. Therefore, it is odd that he would want to limit awareness of his presence on earth and his teachings. I find it interesting that the gospel defines Jesus as a divine being, and yet it still associates him with human-like qualities that portray him in a negative light, such as being angry and sad. I feel that a divine being should be error-free and extraordinarily perfect and unlike human beings.