Sample IT Essays Paper on Cloud Computing over system change

Mobile ordering systems are systems developed by Information and technology companies whose work is to ensure that they justify changes or modifications in a satisfactory manner so as they incorporate new systems. Many people incorporate changes in information systems through innovation and inventing. A mobile ordering system is a very important system in any organization since it helps the organization keep up with market trends hence cope with the competition. The mobile ordering system I created for the Zinc company is implementing our recommendation to change some of the things in the Information and technology department which include the payment procedure and also the in air ordering (Soder, 2017).

The Current Information System for Zinc Company:

The clients in this system can only make purchases from the manufacturer through the Zinc stores and hence the payment method is limited to cash only. This slows down business by lowering the transaction rate for the company. An average of 30% decrease is experienced on a daily basis hence a new system in the form of an Application for Android and Apple systems to facilitate coverage and reach to more customers offering a wide range of services.

The app by the name REACH-ME ZINC will be added to the existing information system to allow clients to contact the zinc company directly and make purchases without having to go to the physical location of the company. The app will also allow them to pay and ensure delivery of their orders. The management has backed the idea since it helps keep up with the current market trends and also allow for future growth of the company. Cloud computing technology will also be developed to ensure quicker orders and payments from remote locations (Rogers, 2011). A customer support team will also be established to receive calls to take orders and specifications. They will be also tasked with establishing location and payment method to be used. Online payment methods allowed will be used and such are, PayPal Western Union and visa credit cards. Orders which have not been paid for will not be delivered since the system works for payment before delivery.

The orders will then be forwarded to the company which is after payment has been verified they will be properly packed and sealed and then forwarded to the delivery team to ensure they reach the provided address as required by the clients. Below is a chain clearly depicting how the new system is linked securely for the consumer and Zinc company.


The new Information Systems:


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Question two

Our medical practice is expanding and as the Information Technology department have to keep up with the changes. Over time all the IT technology and software has been fully managed on premises and to keep up with the growth, we require more storage capacity and computing power. One of the best solution to our problem is cloud computing. Below I will discuss some of the available options.

The first option is Software as a Service which is known as SaaS for short. This is a subscription service for cloud computing hosting. This has some benefits over other cloud computing services. Since it is a single copy of the application, administration is easier. It is accessed over an internet log in rather that a big infrastructure. And since everyone is using the same version, it is compatible to everyone. It is also easier to maintain and also create updates.

The other option is Infrastructure as a service, it is this that giants like Microsoft and google have dominated. Businesses or even people can rent cloud computing services. This has proven to be effective since other companies including those that offer streaming services offer this hence proving its reliability. The company should consider investing on this option since it has proven its reliability over time.

Infrastructure as a service has some benefits, some of those benefits are, flexibility and this comes in terms of payment since you pay for only what you need. Stability is another benefit and this means the system remains reliable through time. It also offers disaster recovery and this is a back up to avoid total loss of data or information. It is an easy system to deploy and can be done in a short period. It is predictable and this is due to the unpredictable capital expenditure can be turned to predictable operational expenditure.

Advantages of an internal system is that it is local and hence access can be managed easily to avoid wrong people from accessing the system. Another advantage is that if the system already exists, it is easier to upgrade the system than develop a whole new system altogether. The organization is able to dictate on the changes to make and at what time. Internal systems enjoy some better performance than cloud hosted environments.

Some of the disadvantages of a web hosted system is the recurrent fee of every month. The loss of configuration control since they have change and management controls which lead to slow changes. The performance of these is also affected by latency. For the Internal management systems, management responsibility falls to the organization which is a disadvantage. Maintenance cost also falls to the management since the hardware will require replacement in case of failure. Hosting and power costs run to the organization and hen un economical.

After careful considerations of the two systems. I would like to propose the use of Infrastructure as a Service since it is more economical to the organization and also has some reliability with it. In our organization we require a system that can be accessed remotely due to the new facilities and also employees. Since IAAS is a cloud computing service, it can be accesses from another location making it effective for this organization.

Cloud computing internal investment
flexibility No hosting fees
stability Management control
Disaster recovery Change control
Easy to deploy Improved performance
Recurring costs Management responsibilities
Loss of configuration control Maintenance costs
performance Power and hosting costs
Resource utilization


Discussion questions

  1. This chapter is about ERP which is short for enterprise resource planning. This is a software that integrates various processes in an organization to ensure all the processes run smoothly. One of the system discussed was that of Microsoft which goes by the name Dynamic nav. The system connects sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, inventory and human resource. They used a combination of all the three strategic approaches which are vanilla, custom and best of breed to choose the best. Initially thy had used Navision 2009 and had built some custom tables which could not be automatically updated to the 2013 version

They had to build other custom tables after the upgrade. They had a breed approach for an older in house system used for inventory and production eventually migrated to Navision. The move can be supported since Navision is more effective and manages all the processes.

  1. This about monitoring, interpreting and analyzing financial data for a company. This is the work of investment management. Since there can be a lot of investments hence to have a management team is a good idea that has the ability to review investment options and also navigate through the regulations of each investment and the tax laws subjected to it which vary from state to state. The two tools that are mainly used for this are internet search engines, business intelligence and decision support software.

I support use of the internet search engines since it is free and you can have access to a lot of information. Business intelligence is also important since this is what organizations have managed to collect over time and can use to make decisions. This can lead to the running of a n organization successfully with enough information at no cost. A team is also important sine members can chip in with other good ideas to enrich the company.

  1. Since amazon is a leader in retail business, they have set the bar much higher for others in the retail business. It is in common agreement that an information system can make or break a business depending on how good it is or efficient. Logistical changes ought to be made in a business to ensure it stays relevant and handle the competition experienced from other organizations. With the introduction of concepts such as ship from stores, the necessity of real time access to stock and not only in the stores but from anywhere has grown. The retailers need to know what is available and in what quantity. Additions on the stuff managing the ware houses were also made to ensure they serve the needs of the enterprise.

I support the need for this change since it keeps your business up to date with the current market trends and able to remain competitive. A good example is Toys R us which recently was faced out since it was not able to keep up with the competition it faced from companies such as amazon. Ship from stores is an idea that should be embraced by those in the retail business.

  1. Cloud computing is where a company has an online based system where all computations are carried out and also data is stored there. As an organization grows, there is demand for more space and computing power and so the internal systems do not seem to be enough hence the need for cloud computing. The system can be accessed remotely from anywhere with a device that supports this and then log in using a secure password this ensures there is no unauthorized access to the system. The only requirement is internet connection which is more available nowadays. The cloud storage is stored in server far which are large data centers well secured and capable to handle all the information going through them.

I support this change since it enables organizations to expand their operation without requirement to change in computing power or storage. And hence a good way to go in terms of business.

  1. Some of the benefits of cloud computing that make people opt for it over internal systems are, easy collaboration between individuals and teams and this is because they can easily work together from anywhere. Adaptive to market changes since the cloud computing systems are kept up to date. The option to customize the services and products exists in cloud computing. With cloud computing one is able to enjoy reduced costs such as expansion and maintenance costs. Some cons of this are, compatibility issues since there might exist some technological age differences. Reliability, sometimes the connection might be unavailable due to internet connection problems. Privacy and security issues might come up during storing of the data since it might get intercepted. Legal and regulatory issues might also affect cloud computing.

I however support cloud computing since the cons can be overlooked and prove the system effective. Cloud computing is an important advancement in business.

  1. Server virtualization, the project manager led a project to upgrade a server room in El Segundo, California. The server room was house to over 100 servers and was the mail telecommunications room for the campus. They procured state of the art racks that would in the end help in lowering the server footprint. In the end they were able to reduce the physical number of servers by 45%. They virtualized UNIX and also LINUX servers. Eventually they had a plan to move all the servers to an entire different site and by doing all this they were able to reduce the operation cost by 40% since fewer administrators were require and also power consumption dropped

I fully support the virtualization process since it comes with its own advantages such as saving of floor space and also the reduction in cost inters of salaries to administrators and also power costs. This should be a move to be considered in business too.

  1. It begins with the classmate remembering how limited technology was in the past. However, people are now walking with powerful computing devices around. This however gets one in the risk of fraudulent activities since banking has also been taken online. Sites also tracks ones browsing information and in the end sell this information to business companies to help them strategize in marketing. The solution to this is placing limitations to the access of your online information. People can also block some sites that track purchases. Or even use some third party applications to protect their activities on the internet.

I support the protection of information or rather how people have to find a way to care for their information in the internet to avoid people with malicious intentions of stealing information or making charges to their credit cards online

  1. Ethical and legal implications pf information systems. Some of the systems tend to profile you under thee fact that people who accessed certain services also accessed another service. This shows that our everymove on the web is being constantly monitored and data profiled and sold. The companies do not have the right to sell our information. However, they should give it away to those who require it since business entities are able to provide us with goods that would interest us. There should be limitations on the type of information that they are allowed to collect to prevent personal information from getting to people with malicious gains.



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