Sample Internship Journal Paper on K-C Cap Sale Company

Sample Internship Journal Paper on K-C Cap Sale Company

One of the most defining events in that took place during the internship period at K-C Cap Sale Company was the day when the colleagues of my supervisors were unwilling to assist me in learning how they do their jobs. This happened when the supervisor that I have been assigned to was unavailable for the day, and there were no activities taking place in the department. The supervisor using the phone, informed me that this would be a good opportunity to learn what takes place in other departments. Excited over the prospect of learning new things, I went to one of the colleagues of my supervisor and offered to help around. He was dismissive and claimed that he did not have the time to train me on what takes place in this department. I went to three more, and the response was the same. I had to spend the entire day idle or chatting with the receptionist, wondering what I could have done to deserve such a treatment from these seniors.

The event was a bit shocking for me, as I expected the seniors in the other departments to welcome my help and maybe use me to lessen the amount of workload they had expected of them. I expected them to be grateful to their colleague for sending them an extra hand to assist them. The first rejection was not so bad, but after getting turned down four times, I felt dazed. This treatment that I received from the supervisors made me feel insecure at the firm for the first time ever, and opened my eyes to the politics that take place in business organizations. I came to realize that my supervisor is not liked by his colleagues, and I am not in a position to determine why. Being considered his progeny, I was to be loathed as well. What surprised me is how they had managed to conceal their dislike for my supervisor from me and the other interns. This reminded me of the petty conflicts observed among cliques in high schools.

As an outsider, one would need to have a history of the working relations between my supervisor and the colleagues in senior positions. This event made me understand that my supervisor is not a favorite of everyone at the workplace as I had come to think earlier on. Further, hardened me a bit emotionally to learn to handle rejections and not have hard feelings against the persons that do to me. I also considered the possibility of these seniors thinking that I had been sent to them as a spy by their common enemy at the workplace. There was simply no way I could redeem myself from that. In terms of the principles of management that could apply to this event, I feel that conflict resolution and delegation of duties were lacking (Kreitner 35). If conflict resolution was well applied, then the colleagues of the supervisor would not have been hostile, and delegation of duties by my supervisor would have saved me the agony of facing the colleagues.

This event has taught me to pay close attention to the relationships that people have in the workplace and determine the ones that are worth maintaining. If I were the manager, I would encourage the workers to view each other positively and work as a team as opposed to being compartmentalized in their various departments (Currie, Denise et al.  108). My recommendation to a new manager in this firm is to consider taking the work team for a team building such that they can interact in a relaxed atmosphere where they comfortably air their concerns regarding each other.

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