Sample International Relations Paper on Oil smoke and mirrors

Oil smoke and mirrors

Oil smoke and mirrors explores the relationship that oil-exporting nations have with the rest of the world that gives them considerable influence over others. The movie begins with an explanation of how the demand for oil has increased without a proportionate increase in supply from oil producing countries. In spite of increased research in alternative fuels, they have not provided feasible solutions and so natural gas has remained as the only viable solution. The consequences of oil depletion would therefore be grave with many economies stagnating due to unemployment, a paralyzed transport system as well as closed industries, and with the increased demand it is becoming a reality. In spite of the dangers of depleting natural gas reserves, most nations are not investing sufficient funds in alternative energy projects.

The documentary claims that the United States was facing an inevitable crisis with the increasing prices of oil and the only way it would have access to new oil fields was through the use of military force. Middle East is the largest oil producing region in the world and the US government needed a reason to create military bases in the area and this is what September 11 attacks provided. The documentary therefore claims that the attacks were orchestrated by the government so that they could have a reason to invade Iraq to set up their oil mining companies in the region. One of the reasons the war on terror has lasted so long is because it is a cover for the mining operations that are happening in the region. Oil Smoke and mirrors therefore analyses the depletion of oil reserves as well as the use of military force by the US to attain oil in the Middle East at lower prices.