Sample International Relations Paper on America-Asia Pacific Relations

America’s search for close ties with Asia Pacific can be traced to the past two decades. During his administration, Obama launched the “Pivot to Asia”  in a bid to communicate that Bush’s fixation of the middle East had ended. Obama’s administration worked on preparatory consultations which indicated close economic engagements with the region.  According to Almond (n.p), President Trump has prioritized several goals on foreign policies which include strengthening the U.S fronted exertions to segregate North Korea due to the threat it poses with its nuclear weapons, setting the foundation for fresh bilateral trade links in a bid to lower the trade deficit in the U.S as well as roll out the leadership’s push for a free and Indo-Pacific region.

According to Kuo (n.p), the US has intensified cooperation with nations such as China so as to deal with the threat caused by North Korea nuclear. This places at a better position of dealing with the threat since the interests of the regional allies are catered for, which makes them friendly to US interest. It is worth noting that numerous states in Asia continue expanding their monetary relations with China despite the need to stop China from gaining from others in the region. This triggers the need to sustain relationship from both China and US for cooperation and competition from the two nations. Another policy used by the US is that of pluralism and tolerance as well as open transparent and fair environs for trade in the Asia pacific region (Kuo n.p). US place significant efforts in improving the employment, legal and individual rights of the populace. The goals of the US in Asia pacific are significant as the continent plays an important role in boosting America’s foreign policy.



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