Sample Industry Analysis Paper on Ford Company

Ford Company Industry Analysis:

The motor vehicle manufacturing industry is characterized by various internal and external forces that influence its performance. For instance, the Ford Company, being part of the industry, faces opportunities such as the design and development of fuel efficient vehicles, opportunities for developing environment friendly vehicles and strategic alliances in the sector. The company also has new market opportunities in China and the BRIC nations. For greater profitability, the company can take advantage of these opportunities to increase competitive advantage while downplaying the impacts of threats. In particular, the company has to establish practices that help them to address threats such as intensive competition from across the world and fluctuations in fuel prices.

Ford has a lot of internal strengths that could help the company to address the opportunities and costs availed to it. A strong brand presence, extensive distribution channels for the company products, a one ford approach to production and marketing, and strong financial standing, all constitute core organizational strengths, which the company can use to leverage its opportunities for greater growth. On the other hand, the company also has to be wary of organizational weaknesses including high operating costs and the effects of trading in luxury brands.

While making efforts towards organizational growth and higher profitability, Ford Company should focus on key strategic factors which can foster faster business profitability. Some of these factors are external to the organization while others are internal. Some of these factors include laws on copyright and patenting, changes in the developing nation markets and availability of better and cheaper raw materials. Increase in oil prices, currency fluctuations heightened environmentalist concerns, established alternative means of transport all contribute to lower profitability if not addressed effectively. The company needs to identify potential sources of advantage therein and take advantage of them.