Sample Human Resource Paper on Huawei’s performance appraisal


The main business of the company, general information about the business

It would actually be very helpful to talk about the key discussion issues and strategies for the company.

The company was facing a very high turnover rate and then the company used strategies like these to think about how to solve these problems.

The key issue for this company was how to attract and retain top talent.

The company faces the problem of how to motivate its employees and how to motivate them.

Different companies have different

Especially in your final return report, you need to be very clear about your research methodology, like how many interviews did you invite, how many interviewees did you invite? Right? Who are they? Who are they in terms of decisions about their jobs and their job responsibilities? The same strategies or questions.

And what is the knowledge about pm now?

They know the design or execution of pm if they are management. Because they play the role of evaluator. Uh, so there it’s their their experience with pm, and sometimes you’ll talk to uh, some some groups and an interesting line staff. So their role is like a compliment.

And because of that background information, your program will take the perspective of different people, right? Some people are from a HR securities design perspective, some people are from an appraisal management perspective, some people are from an appreciation perspective. I would just I would look at your report to see if it aligns with those perspectives.

So basically, how many can you talk about? How many interviews? Or how many interviews do you conduct? If you’re a behavior like ongoing, like ongoing texting, that’s fine. You can talk about it as well.

So that’s the information I’d like to see.

It’s part of your research methodology. Research. That’s a very strong evidence about your application of doubt, right? A research approach, a research approach to executing your project.



You put some basic things about that Huawei to make it simple, such as how Huawei’s company is, how big it is, how well-known it is, all these are to be had, but it must be simplified, and this background is not about picking something from the Internet.

The main thing is to tell what is said behind the complaint? The main thing is to say that Huawei’s performance appraisal has affected Huawei’s training and development. At the same time, Huawei’s training and development also affects the performance appraisal in reverse, that is, the two things, performance appraisal and training, they are closely related. That is to say, how these two topics affect each other and how they complement each other. It needs to be said that according to the document I gave, for example, who are the interviewees? How many people are there? How much do they know about PM?


This is what the Professor ask for.