Sample Human Resource Management Paper on Quality Management for Organizational Excellence

Book: Quality Management for Organizational Excellence by David L. Goetsch, Stanley Davi. Prentice Hall, 2021. Attached is the 8th edition

Imagine that you are the Human Resources Senior Executive for the CQI construction company in Miami, Florida “CQI INC.”, a firm that is trying to compete for large institutional projects such as hospitals and universities. CQI INCs staff are hardworking, but do not have much experience with these types of projects. To support the company’s leadership, develop a preliminary strategic plan that will prepare them for a new direction:

A Mission Statement
A Vision statement
Three (3) Guiding Principles
Two (2) broad strategic goals
Specific Tactics – 2 specific tactics for each broad strategic goal.
Illustrate the plan on a form like Figure 3-8 on page 42